WVPop Con

So WV Pop Con was on October 6 and 7th in Morgantown at the Mylan Expo Center.  I was able to go up with the guys of Broken Icon/Tri-con and check it out.

The expo center worked pretty well.  Plenty of room for everything and even room to grow if they want.  A few complaints on layout, with one room of exhibitors all the way in the back looking at the wall not making it all that inviting for people to walk down.  On Sunday they were able to move some of them to better spots.  One of the panel areas was placed right underneath the center’s speakers and between the video game area and the table top gaming area where they were play music themselves.  This made it kind of hard to hear things at times.  The other panel area was fine though.  The center had a snack stand, but they were a bit pricey and not the best in food, but the most convenient since the expo center it self was kind of away from everything else.

The big name guests for the con were placed down the center of the building, with the other artists and groups branching off from them.  Up front were the different dealers with lots of comics and toys for everyone.  A lot of great talent was on display at the show; several old favorites of mine that I got to catch up with and some new ones I got to meet for the first time.  Sketch card artists, 8bit artists, indy comics, posters and much more for sell.

There were several things to see just set up at the con as well.  The 501st was set up with two large back drops for picture taking and always had a few Stormtroopers around with Darth Vader.  Plenty of other Star Wars characters popped up throughout the weekend.  A Batmobile from the 60’s TV show and a Ghostbuster custom van were both set up for photo ops.  A photography studio had a green set up for pictures.  Morgantown Thriller was on hand Saturday to play Thriller on loop for several hours (I was seated across from them for a long time; I don’t want to talk about it) and on Sunday to teach everyone who wanted to learn how to do the Thriller dance themselves.  Local roller derby team, Morgantown Vixens, were often seen just gliding around.  Lost Sock Entertainment had hand craft puppets on display.

The panels at the con were great for creative types.  Workshops on costuming and make-up; panels about writing screenplays and graphic novels, art reviews by small press companies, starting a comic book company, learning about podcasting, and several more.  There were Warhammer and Magic tournaments both days.  For video gaming, LANding Zone was there with several big screens with the latest games for people to free play and tournaments.  Video game store Game Exchange had Guitar Hero always on and an other alternating game set up at their booth; both looking for weekend high score.

On the costuming front; there was a family of Airbenders including baby in an Appa stroller; I have not been this excited by a cosplay group in a long time.  Their eight year old on the other hand was dressed as Lelouch from the anime Code Geass in an outfit he sewed himself; he won in the cosplay contest for it.  Other outfits included Sailor Jupiter, Zelda and Link, Waldo, Batman and Robin who wandered over to their car, female Commander Shepard (costume winner), couple of Naruto ninjas, little Jack Sparrow, Deadpool, and several more.  Not a lot of costumes, but a lot of them were very good.

Over all a decent event, could have just been one day instead of two.  Attendance did not seem to be that high, have not found an attendance total yet.  In fact Sunday morning till the afternoon it felt really dead.  Still would like to go back and see about it next year though.  Good for collectors, comic fans, and people who just like the general nerd atmosphere.

Next time I will talk about Tsubasacon.


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