Comic Book Open House

I received an e-mail recently inviting me to a comic book sell and I figure I would share it with you.  I do not know who sent it or why I got it.  I do not know if it is some mailing list I am part of or someone I meet some time in the past. That is my life, trying to figure out who these crazies who seem to know me but I do not know them are.
On Wednesday December 12 there will be an open house for local comic book enthusiastic to go through a fantastic comic book collection find, from 6 pm- 9 pm.  The original owner, Duane Wiebeck Sr, collected comics from the 60’s till his death in the early 90’s.  There are approximately 17-19 long boxes.  The more substantial items have already been sold, but there are still plenty of others left to go through.
Some of the great books still left in the collection include:
Batman:  Dark Knight Returns 1-4
Marvel Secret Wars – All issues!
Marvel Secret Wars II – All issues!
Solar:  Man of the Atom – Gold Key early run!
Avengers 140-196, 201-202, 207-210, 214-219, 224-226, 228-301, 303-346, 358-375
Werewolf by Night 33 – 2nd Moon Knight!
X-Men 95 – 315 (some issues missing)
Captain America 190-196, 198-248, 250-252, 256-259, 261, 265-269, 273, 275-276,279-322, 324-351, 353-399, 409, 413-430
Daredevil 126-148, 150-160, 162-165, 167, 170-172, 174, 178-183, 186, 188-189, 191, 193-288, 290-304, 311, 313-330
Ghost Rider
Green Lantern
and much more!
The address for the event is:
1239 Ridge Drive
South Charleston, WV 25309
The group putting this on is looking to start some kind of local comic book club for the area as well.  Something to meet other collectors, talk about happenings in the world of comics, trade and sell with each other, and work out going to conventions together.  So this would be a great time to discuss that as well.  Just find and talk to Robert Barker.

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