Screen and Graphic Novel Writing Workshop

DigiSo is a project to engage, develop, and support entrepreneurs, ideas, and opportunities in digital and creative industries.  The result of collaborative brainstorming by the WVSU Economic Development Center (EDC), Create West Virginia, and more than a dozen working professionals in media design, production and Internet technologies.  They have a building that offers state of the art drop-in work stations, an editing suite, voice studio, secure access and storage, all basic production equipment creatives need, and meeting space ideal for large and intimate groups.  They work with media freelancers, filmmakers, webcasters, web designers, photographers, digital entrepreneurs, and much more in the Charleston area.

As part of their Creator’s Program, a two-day Screen + Graphic Novel Writing 101 workshop.  It’s focus being on the building blocks of developing and constructing stories for both cinema and graphic novels.  The classes will be run by filmmaker, teacher, and graphic novelist Daniel Boyd and screen writer and instructor Joseph Ng.

You will be taken through the screenwriting process from concept to final script.  They will be teaching the formating styles and screenwriting software that are available, but the main focus in on storytelling.  The basic and critical story elements needed for a good script will be gone over.

The event is at WVSU’s Economic Development Center (1506 Kanawha Boulevard West Charleston).  The workshop stars on Friday February 1st, going from 7pm – 9:30pm and then Saturday the 2nd from 1pm-4pm.  Registration is $40 covering both days.  Suggested books to look over or have before hand are: “Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting,” Syd Field & “The Comple Idot’s Guide to Creating a Graphic Novel,” Nat Gertler and Steve Lieber.  Also, suggested software from which offers free download.

Anyone who really wants to learn about writing for movies, TV, comics, or anything else like that I highly suggest thinking about signing up.  In fact the Creators Program is something to keep an eye on.  They have done a number of workshops on writing and other creative fields.


Win a Life Size Spider-Man Statue

Ever look around your home and thought, “I could use a life size Spider-Man in here”?

So just me then.

A raffle is being run to win a Spider-Man promotional display that was used at Blockbuster for I think the third film.  Don’t judge the staute based on the movie.  Spidey is almost 6ft tall and made of fiberglass with a stell base.  Well crafted and heavey.

The raffle tickets are $5 each and are limited to only 350 tickets.  Better chanes than the lottery.  You can buy tickets with cash, check, money order or PayPal.  Though the only place I know to try and buy tickets is at your local Lost Legion store (Princeton, Beckly, South Charleston, Parkersburg).  Keep up at the Facebook page for this to hear where you can buy tickets next.

They are encouraging donating your tickets to Lost legion Games and Comics so they can continue having him outside their shops.  I say give him to me and I will make costumes for him and take him to conventions with me.  Which sounds like it would be cooler.

Riffing Movies and Steampunk Bands

Mystery Science Theater 3000 ended several years ago, but the cast and did not let that end their mocking of movies, both good and bad.  Three of them Kevin Murphy (second Tom Servo), Bill Corbet (Crow v.2), and Michael J. Nelson (Mike) have formed Rifftrax, a site that you can download mp3s of their work to play along with movies and even buy DVDs of their work on Public Domain movies and shorts.  They also do live riffing events that are streamed into theaters around the country.  Today and nest week they are showing some of the Best of RiffTrax Live.

Best of RiffTrax Trivia Sweepstakes

Tonight, Thursday January 24, at 7:30 pm you can go to certain movie theaters to see one of the worst movies ever made, Manos Hands of Fate.  Now this a re-broadcasting of the original event.  In addition to the main feature, two shorts will be played and mocked.  One showing the Riffers favorite loveable loser, Norman.  Availbe theaters in state include: the one in the Huntington Mall, Nitro Stadium in Cross Lanes (where I will be), and Cinemark 10 Bridgeport.  Ashland KY, Athens OH, and Pittsuburgh are all having showings too.

Thurday January 31 it is Plan 9 From Outer Space turn for the roasting.  This one only has one short, a musical performance by Jonahtan Coultron.  Everything else, like time and locations, are the same.

You can also win one of three RiffTrax Prize Packs by showing off your knowledge about Maons and Plan 9.  Answer the questions in their Trivia Contest to enter.  You have until 10pm tonight.


Tonight at 10pm in Charleston’s at the Empty Glass steampunk circus band Ford Theatre Reunion, along with WV’s gypsy punk band Qiet, will be rocking out.  Besides playing unquie original songs, Forth Theatre are know to have on stage feats of human endurance, exotic dances, magic tricks, and unicorns.  Though I think they maybe screwing with us on some of those.

They will be in Huntington at the Vclub on Friday.  This will be Qiet’s last show for three months, so be sure to catch them.  Doors open at 8pm, show starts at 10, and it is 18+.

So plenty to do this week and next.

True Blue Marathon 2

True Blue Marathon is a group of friends dedicated to playing Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog video games to help raise awareness and money for charity.  Last year they were able to raise over a thousand dollars at their first event for Extra Life.

Their second event is this Saturday, January 19th, starting 10am and planning to go 48 hours till the 21st.  This event is twice as long as last time and with more games than last year.  It will be Team Sonic vs. Team Mega Man to see which team can raise the most money during the 48 hours.  The winner will be crownd the True Blue Champion.  The charity for this year is Child’s Play.

Child’s Play is a vide game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in a network of 70 plus hospitals worldwide.  They set up gift with lists of kids in hospitals for people to buy gifts for them.  Also they take cash donations to purchase consoles, games, and more for hospitals and therapy facilities.

Games that will be played depend how much money each team gets during the event. They have different games (and even levels in those games) set to be played if they receive so much money.  They go from Mega Man 2 at 4.42 to Mega Man Legends at a thousand on the Mega Man side of things and Sonic 2 at 3.55 to Sonic Unleashed on the Wii also at a thousand for Sonic’s team. A full list of each game/level and amount is right here.  If they are unable to finish all the unlocked games during that time they have alloted they will pick up the following Saturday at 10am to finish them.

Donations can be made on their website through PayPal for whatever amount you can give.  You can tell how much of your donation goes to team Mega Man or to Team Sonic.  Mega Man is at of this wrting is $23.50.  Sonic has $12.50 so far.

There will be prizes given out for donation.  Mostly digital codes for Xbox Live, Steam, and Amazon. They may be region-locked to the United States so if you need something different if you win they will work with you for something of equivalent value.

Check out how things are going by watching at their page or following on Facebook.

P.S. Go Team Mega Man