Riffing Movies and Steampunk Bands

Mystery Science Theater 3000 ended several years ago, but the cast and did not let that end their mocking of movies, both good and bad.  Three of them Kevin Murphy (second Tom Servo), Bill Corbet (Crow v.2), and Michael J. Nelson (Mike) have formed Rifftrax, a site that you can download mp3s of their work to play along with movies and even buy DVDs of their work on Public Domain movies and shorts.  They also do live riffing events that are streamed into theaters around the country.  Today and nest week they are showing some of the Best of RiffTrax Live.

Best of RiffTrax Trivia Sweepstakes

Tonight, Thursday January 24, at 7:30 pm you can go to certain movie theaters to see one of the worst movies ever made, Manos Hands of Fate.  Now this a re-broadcasting of the original event.  In addition to the main feature, two shorts will be played and mocked.  One showing the Riffers favorite loveable loser, Norman.  Availbe theaters in state include: the one in the Huntington Mall, Nitro Stadium in Cross Lanes (where I will be), and Cinemark 10 Bridgeport.  Ashland KY, Athens OH, and Pittsuburgh are all having showings too.

Thurday January 31 it is Plan 9 From Outer Space turn for the roasting.  This one only has one short, a musical performance by Jonahtan Coultron.  Everything else, like time and locations, are the same.

You can also win one of three RiffTrax Prize Packs by showing off your knowledge about Maons and Plan 9.  Answer the questions in their Trivia Contest to enter.  You have until 10pm tonight.


Tonight at 10pm in Charleston’s at the Empty Glass steampunk circus band Ford Theatre Reunion, along with WV’s gypsy punk band Qiet, will be rocking out.  Besides playing unquie original songs, Forth Theatre are know to have on stage feats of human endurance, exotic dances, magic tricks, and unicorns.  Though I think they maybe screwing with us on some of those.

They will be in Huntington at the Vclub on Friday.  This will be Qiet’s last show for three months, so be sure to catch them.  Doors open at 8pm, show starts at 10, and it is 18+.

So plenty to do this week and next.


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