Screen and Graphic Novel Writing Workshop

DigiSo is a project to engage, develop, and support entrepreneurs, ideas, and opportunities in digital and creative industries.  The result of collaborative brainstorming by the WVSU Economic Development Center (EDC), Create West Virginia, and more than a dozen working professionals in media design, production and Internet technologies.  They have a building that offers state of the art drop-in work stations, an editing suite, voice studio, secure access and storage, all basic production equipment creatives need, and meeting space ideal for large and intimate groups.  They work with media freelancers, filmmakers, webcasters, web designers, photographers, digital entrepreneurs, and much more in the Charleston area.

As part of their Creator’s Program, a two-day Screen + Graphic Novel Writing 101 workshop.  It’s focus being on the building blocks of developing and constructing stories for both cinema and graphic novels.  The classes will be run by filmmaker, teacher, and graphic novelist Daniel Boyd and screen writer and instructor Joseph Ng.

You will be taken through the screenwriting process from concept to final script.  They will be teaching the formating styles and screenwriting software that are available, but the main focus in on storytelling.  The basic and critical story elements needed for a good script will be gone over.

The event is at WVSU’s Economic Development Center (1506 Kanawha Boulevard West Charleston).  The workshop stars on Friday February 1st, going from 7pm – 9:30pm and then Saturday the 2nd from 1pm-4pm.  Registration is $40 covering both days.  Suggested books to look over or have before hand are: “Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting,” Syd Field & “The Comple Idot’s Guide to Creating a Graphic Novel,” Nat Gertler and Steve Lieber.  Also, suggested software from which offers free download.

Anyone who really wants to learn about writing for movies, TV, comics, or anything else like that I highly suggest thinking about signing up.  In fact the Creators Program is something to keep an eye on.  They have done a number of workshops on writing and other creative fields.


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