Clarksburg Library Game Night

From the CharCon forums:

The first Clarksburg Library Game Night will be on Monday, March 25 from 5:00 to 7:00pm – and held on the last Monday of every month thereafter.  Open to all ages.

Upstairs will have games for ages 9 & up.  Games available: Settlers of Catan, Apples to Apples, Bananagrams, and Chess.  Bring any games of your own as well.

Downstairs will have games for ages 3 to 9.  Games available: Richard Scarry’s Busytown, Chutes & Ladders, Candyland, Uno, Go Fish, Old Maid, and more.

Contact Info: 304-627-2236 (ask for Clay or Cathy) /
Address: 404 W. Pike St.  Clarksburg, WV  26301


Charleston Art Walk with Season’s End

Another event I learn about last-minute.  The first Charleston Art Walk event of 2013 will be this Thursday and feature paintings from book Season’s End.  The event is at Romano & Associates, address 230 Capitol Street Charleston, WV 25301 besides Taylor’s Books from 5pm-8pm.

Jason Pell, creator of Season’s End and Zombie Highway, Daniel Boyd, writer of Chillers and film creator, and other members who work on the Chillers graphic novel will be in attendance.  You can meet them and purchase your own copy of Season’s End and/or Chiller’s volume 1.

Romano and Associates provides artists the opportunity to showcase their work in a non-traditional space, as it is a law office. Art work ranges from pottery, sculptural pieces, drawings, photography and paintings arranged throughout the space.

Spring WVGOG LAN Party

The West Virginia Gathering of Gamers is hosting a small LAN to raise money for their mega LAN this summer.  The LAN has a cap around 25, let them know you are coming to secure a spot.  Though feel free to bring a guest.

The event will be March 21st-24th at 200 sunset drive, Hurricane, WV 25526, subdivision Cheyenne Valley, first house.  The host house is Chad Nesselrotte’s. (

Games to be played include Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm, DOTA 2 (some copies are available), Warcraft Frozen Throne, TrakMania Forever (free on Stream), and CS GO.  COD Black Ops 2 is also a possibility.

Cover charge, to cover the electric use for the LAN host, is $10 or $5 for one day.  Wireless will be provided.  Bring a power strip, your own snacks, and an ethernet cable if you can.  Get your games downloaded and update to practice for the challenge.


On Saturday April 6th Huntington will once again be host to the Tri-State Comic Con (Tri-Con) at the Big Sandy Superstore Area.

The con is run by James Maddox and Eric Watkins of Broken Icon Comics.  The con is supported by Top Shelf Productions, Ript Apparel, Dungeon Dweller Comics store, In This Issue podcast, and comic art supplier Blue Line Pro.
The Guests of Honors for the con include a few natives of WV: Jeremy Ambler (Walker from Walking Dead), James Patrick (Green Arrow, Batman), Beau Smith (Warrior, Wynonna Earp), and Robert Tinnell (Surf Nazis Must Die, Wicked West, Feast of the Seven Fishes).  And more from out-of-state.  Darryl Banks (co-creator of Kyle Rayner), Kevin Galbraith (Walker from Waking Dead), Lora Innes (The Dreamer), Tony Isabella (creator of Black Lightning and Tigra),  Mark Kidwell (Vietnam zombie epic 68), Chad Lambert (Return to Point Pleasant, Kung Fu Panda), Tommy Patterson (Game of Thrones, Irredeemable), Steve Scott (Batman, JLA, Hulk), Duane Swierczynski (Birds of Prey, Judge Dredd), BillyTucci (Shi, Sgt. Rock), and Robert Venditti (X-O Manowar, Surrogates).  All and all a nice little selection.

Native exhibitors of the con: Bad Place Productions, Black Cat Comics, film maker and writer Daniel Boyd, author Craig Halloran, Ronky Tonk, Tristan Kelly, Marc Lewis, Dan Pettry, L. Jason Queen, and members of the Ohio Valley Artist League.
And several artists from all over the place.   Todd Beistel, Tressina Bowling, Tyrell Cannon, Dustin Carson, Edward Choi, Rob Dumo, Rodney Fyke, Bob Frantz, Dan Gorman, Terence Hanley, Andrew Heath, Stephen Hines, Kevin Leen, Brent McKee, Mike Maydak, Michael Mayne, Ansley McDaniel, Chris McJunkin, Kenn Minter, Shawn Murphy, Franklin Napier, Brett Pinson, Rusty Shackles, Kevin Steward, Justin Stewart, Timothy Taylor, and Evan Thomas. Independent comic companies and groups Action Lab Entertainment, Assailant Comics, Drunken Cat Comics, Mourning Daily Publishing, and Old World Comics.

In addition other sites and shops at the con are the 501st Legion’s West Virginia Squad Corellia with two large props to take pictures with, steampunk accouterments Gears and Glass, toys, action figures, collectibles, games, cards, TeeMinus24 selling their limited edition t-shirts, and plenty of comic stores and sellers with everything from back issues to the latest trade paperbacks.  I have heard rumors of appearances from the Cult of Skaro and a police box exhibit from Galifrey.  Special note to WV comic stores and dealers from WV: C&C Comics, Geifer Games & Comics, Kat’s Comics, and Third Floor Comics and Collectibles.

Panels lined up for the con are “Mothman: The myth, the research and the graphic novel” by Chad Lambert, “The Art of Art” with a hand selected group of artists, “Talking with a Walker” with Kevin Galbraith, and “Writing the Relaunch” with Robert Venditti and Duane Swierczynski.  The panels will be moderated by Ryan ‘Zip’ Zipperian from X1063.
The con’s costume contest is at 5pm and is offering a cash prize for first place and a prize package from the exhibitors and sponsors for the runner-up.  A children’s division for those under 13 will also be held.  Registration will be from 10am till 1pm and for a maximum of fifty entries.
There will also be a charity auction at 4pm to raise money for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.  You can look at the con’s Auction page for some of the items already lined up.  They will also have a special Doctor Who print, with the 11 Doctors and their own mascot done up as a doctor, each Doctor done by a different artist attending the con.

The convention will run from 10am-6pm.  Passes are only $7 for all day, kids under 10 get in free.  A special Guest Friendly Package for $10 comes with thirty minutes early access to the show floor are also available, but only ahead of time.  You can already get a look at the program guide for the con online.

This is something for all kinds of nerds to show up for, not just comic book fans.  Plenty of stuff to check out and a chance to meet all kinds of new people.

The Hobbit A Musical Adventure

The Children’s Theatre of Charleston is doing a musical based on The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.  Directed by Tim Mace and music by Mark Scarpelli.  I do not know about Mace, but I have heard several of Scarpelli’s work and can tell you that he always does a good job.

The play stars 40 children between ages 6 to 14.  The only adults are in the orchestra and two who switch off doing the voice of Smaug.  Though only a few had read the books, they were familiar with the movies, several have picked up the books to read since starting the play.

The play is a faithful adaption of the book without dumbing it down for kids.  The production is the only stage script and music score approved by Tolkien himself and contains 15 musical pieces performed by live orchestra set up. The show is 90 minutes with two acts.

They have already done a school performances in the afternoon on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  You can catch the public shows on Friday March 8 at 7pm, Saturday March 9 at 2pm and 7pm, Sunday March 10 at 2pm.  Tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for children between the ages of 4 and 17. The shows are at the Charleston Civic Center Little Theatre. You can pick up tickets at the door or order at the Civic Center Box Office (304) 346-0164.

For those who do not know, the story of The Hobbit goes a little like this:

The reluctant Hobbit hero Bilbo Baggins is asked to join twelve dwarves to reclaim their homeland from the dragon Smaug, for they can hardly hope to succeed as an unlucky thirteen. Bilbo finally agrees to the adventure! They encounter dangerous trolls, escape into Goblin country where Bilbo finds a gold ring with magical power. It’s a ring of invisibility. Bilbo is cautious and thoughtful but saves them in every crisis, even in the climactic scene with the dragon Smaug.

Children’s Theatre of Charleston gives children and families the opportunity to share the total theatre experience.

Every season, CTOC performs a series of shows for the general public and for audiences of school children and groups, who take a break in their day to experience the magic of live theatre. Giving children and families the opportunity to share the total theatre experience, CTOC is open to all children, regardless of age, race, religion, or nationality. All West Virginia children may participate as long as they meet the requirement of attendance.

Over the Boarder: Madicon

Madicon is a yearly gaming/literary convention run by the Science Fiction Fantasy Guild at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA.  This year it is at the student center at JMU, March 8-10.  The con has a number of panels, workshops, vendors, artists, many games, costume contest, a LARP, art show, video games, concerts, rave, live bird show, and auctions (including the Geek Auction to buy live people) to raise money for the Wildlife Center of Virginia.

Guests for the con are authors: Jana Oliver, Jean Marie Ward, Pip Ballantine, R.S. Belcher, and Tee Morris, plus music GOH Johan Knight, chiptune makers Cartoon Bomb, Datacats, and Inverse Phase, makeup guest Megan Amberly, voice actor Jon St. John, the 501st Storm Troopers, DJs DJ Cutman and DJ Super Sonic, combat groups Bridgewater College Comitatus, COMARR, and Silverdain.

Just wanted to put this up cause I have been to the con and it is really fun.  Very small but that is what makes it so great.

Help RiffTrax Riff Twilight

RifftTrax has a dream.  To do a live riffing of Twilight screened through out the country to all their fans.  Now to do this they will need to get the rights to screen Twilight in theaters.  So they are asking their fans for a little help by way of Kickstarter.  I bring you this as something for nerds everywhere and besides it will most likely been show in theaters in WV anyways.

RiffTrax is the brainchild of three alumi of Mystery Science Theater 3000.  They create comic riffs for all kinds of movie and shorts that you can buy on DVD or as MP3s.  Since 2009 they have done six live shows from Nashville that are simulcast in movie theaters all over the country.  So far most of these movies have all been public domain B-movies.  Now they want to do a more recent Hollywood movie for a live show.  So why not the winner of their Worst Movie of All Time poll, Twilight.

They have already done a riff you can download as MP3.  Now they want to approach Summit Entertainment/Lionsgate to a license of Twilight.  That is why the are crowd sourceing thorugh Kickstarter.  If they are unable to work out a deal for Twilight they will choose another movie from their Worst Movie List.  Twilight is their first priority, but whatever happens there will be a good night of riffing in the future.  The more money they get the more they can offer to get it.  Any left over money from getting the license will got to production values for the show and/or bringing in celebrity guest or two.

The reward levels for donating include great things at low prices like: digital download of the live show, one of (or all) three different shorts including a re-reffed MST3K classic Mr. B, Natural, full length RiffTrax Mp3 of your choice, digital signed reherasal script copy, thank you photo of the crew, view the planning session online, signed poster, t-shirt, your name or face onscreen during the show, or even attend the show as a VIP guest.  All the $200-$2,000 levels sold out so fast they went back and added some new ones.  All the lower prices award levels are unlimited so do not worry about it.

Now when I said they needed help, it was kind of not that dire.  Within one day of starting this they reached their original goal of $55,000.  As of this writing they have raised $194,058.  Let’s see if we can hit a new high for Kickstarter with this.  There is still 22 days left on it.  The show is planned for this August.  Now on to a few notes about Kickstater. 

When you pledge money to a Kickstarter project the money will not be collect till the end of the projects time limit and then only if it has met its goal.  You can donate as much money as you want to an project, but to recieve a reward level you must give at least that much and secify which level you want.