Help RiffTrax Riff Twilight

RifftTrax has a dream.  To do a live riffing of Twilight screened through out the country to all their fans.  Now to do this they will need to get the rights to screen Twilight in theaters.  So they are asking their fans for a little help by way of Kickstarter.  I bring you this as something for nerds everywhere and besides it will most likely been show in theaters in WV anyways.

RiffTrax is the brainchild of three alumi of Mystery Science Theater 3000.  They create comic riffs for all kinds of movie and shorts that you can buy on DVD or as MP3s.  Since 2009 they have done six live shows from Nashville that are simulcast in movie theaters all over the country.  So far most of these movies have all been public domain B-movies.  Now they want to do a more recent Hollywood movie for a live show.  So why not the winner of their Worst Movie of All Time poll, Twilight.

They have already done a riff you can download as MP3.  Now they want to approach Summit Entertainment/Lionsgate to a license of Twilight.  That is why the are crowd sourceing thorugh Kickstarter.  If they are unable to work out a deal for Twilight they will choose another movie from their Worst Movie List.  Twilight is their first priority, but whatever happens there will be a good night of riffing in the future.  The more money they get the more they can offer to get it.  Any left over money from getting the license will got to production values for the show and/or bringing in celebrity guest or two.

The reward levels for donating include great things at low prices like: digital download of the live show, one of (or all) three different shorts including a re-reffed MST3K classic Mr. B, Natural, full length RiffTrax Mp3 of your choice, digital signed reherasal script copy, thank you photo of the crew, view the planning session online, signed poster, t-shirt, your name or face onscreen during the show, or even attend the show as a VIP guest.  All the $200-$2,000 levels sold out so fast they went back and added some new ones.  All the lower prices award levels are unlimited so do not worry about it.

Now when I said they needed help, it was kind of not that dire.  Within one day of starting this they reached their original goal of $55,000.  As of this writing they have raised $194,058.  Let’s see if we can hit a new high for Kickstarter with this.  There is still 22 days left on it.  The show is planned for this August.  Now on to a few notes about Kickstater. 

When you pledge money to a Kickstarter project the money will not be collect till the end of the projects time limit and then only if it has met its goal.  You can donate as much money as you want to an project, but to recieve a reward level you must give at least that much and secify which level you want.


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