Jedi Con WV X

Jedi Con WV has been going on for ten years now.  WV’s first and only Star Wars con, it has been bringing in fans from all over the region who love the fandom.  This year’s event has been moved from their usual Octoberish date Saturday June 15th.  They are expecting to be able get a bigger crowd.  The con is at Sistersville Fire Hall (121 Maple Lane) Sisterville.

The con’s special guest artist Scott Simmons who has done work for Lucasfilm, at cons he does sketch cards, sketches of guests as Star Wars characters, and artwork of any requested character.  The con will have plenty of vendors selling old and new Star Wars toys and memorabilia,  door prizes, a video game booth, food catered through Christy’s Cakes and Catering, costuming groups 501st Legion’s Garrison Carida and The Rebel Legion, and the WV SW Collectors Club.  There will be exclusive prints (example below) by Kim Simmons who help design and photographed the Star Wars toy packaging from 1977-1986.

They are holding a silent auction with items donated by Brain’s Toys, Sideshow Toys, a Price Guide written by Super Collectors Gus Lopez and Duncan Jenkins, and a retro 12″ Jumbo Rocket Fett from Gentle Giant donated by Kenner Collector.  All proceeds from the auction, ticket sales, and food sales goes to the CMN which in turn go to the WVU Children’s Hospital in Morgantown.

Admission is just $1 for everyone 6 and older.  Kids under 5 get in free. If you want to buy a table to sell at it is only $5 for each table, if they have any left.

Small event to be sure, but looks like fun for sure.  Another little one to head to if you have the time.  Do not even have to be that big of a Star Wars fan to find something to do or buy.


2013 Mego Meet: Mego Toy Collectors Convention

Mego Corporation was a toy company that was very big in 70’s with lines like the “World’s Greatest Superheroes” with both DC and Marvel, Plant of the Apes, celebrity dolls, Star Trek, and more.  Its figures are some of the most sought out by collectors in the world.  Customizers based on Mego’s 8 inch interchangeable bodies are popular as well.

Mego Meet is the gathering of Mego collectors and customizers to buy and trade parts and figures, attend sessions on design or about the Mego Corporation and their toys, and hang out to meet each other.  It is run by the Mego Museum website and other friends.

The 2013 Mego Meet be at The Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum in Wheeling, West Virginia on June 7-8th, with some early bird events on Thursday the 6th.  

On Thursday night around 6 or 7 PM you will be able to find a group to go out to eat with then go up the Mego suite at the Hampton Inn and hang out there.

Things really get started on Friday.  Reception starts at 5 PM.  There will be a swap meet, pizza party, and dealer set.  You can check out the museum during the day before 5 PM.  Informal kind of day.  At 10 PM it is back to the Mego Suite.

Saturday has more things planned out.  Doors open 9 AM.  There are speakers and panels from then till 5 PM.  Topics include EMCE Toys, silk-screening demo, resin casting, 3D printing, and more.  An auction of rare and custom action figures will also be held to raise money for the Mego Museum site.  The Big Toy Auction  will be helping out with the auction.  At 6:30 PM there will be a dinner at local restaurant.  Then back to the Mego Suite one more time.

The Official 2013 Mego Meet Exclusive Figure is Synderman.  Synderman was the spokes character for Hero Worlds Distribution in the 70’s.

Registration for the meet is $20 and includes spouse and/or children you might bring.  Dealer tables are $35.

Mego Meet looks like a chance for some nostalgia, even if you do not remember Mego figures.  Something to stop by and check out if you have the chance.


CharCon’s King of the Nerds Contest Results

Last Saturday was CharCon’s picnic and King of the Nerds casting call contest.  The weather was good, no rain and some gentle breezes throughout the day.   They had barbecue and hot dogs with all the fix-ens.  Eye of Sauron cake.  Games of SPARKS and Pathfinder were played by several fans and new comers to the games.  And just a fun time hanging out with old friends.  Though you want to hear more about the King of the Nerds contest don’t you.

The game started out with 18 contestants who all took an initial questionnaire on various geek knowledge, like sci-fi, literature, zombies, history, and more.  You can check out the questionnaire yourself and see how you would have done over at the CharCon forums.  The top 12 contestants with highest scores were split into two teams.  

The rest of the games would involve a challenge for the group/individual.  Then either the lowest scoring member of the losing team/individual was eliminated from the game or in games without a scoring method a quick game of some kind was played to handle elimination. The challenges went as followed.

1. Clubs Card Game

2. Brain Puzzles: A series of 10 brain puzzles for each team to figure out.

3. Staff Dodge Ball: the staff members of CharCon lined up holding a piece of paper with numbers written on them (numbers were hidden), then the participants each got to take a dodge ball three times and throw at the lined up staff, and taking the number they held plus a roll of a D20 to score points.  Con Chair Travis Reynolds was the number one talk of the event.

4. Lord of the Ring Toss: a relay race involving sword fighting and archery,lighting torches, translation puzzle, and finally throwing the one ring onto the Mt. Doom post.

5. Angry Nerds: a live action version of Angry Birds, with green balloons filled with some water in them and using computer paper boxes to build the defense.

6. La Boca: cooperative board game of shapes, colors, and using 3D blocks to create a 2D pattern

7. Trivia Contest: basic trivia contest with questions like from the questionnaire; this was the last team based event.

8. Shoot the Zombies: air soft gun shooting of zombie targets, with targets made from CharCon staff members as innocents to avoid hitting, sadly this one was marked with all kinds of technical differences with the guns and even needed a tie breaker round to finish it off

9. Liar’s Dice: a game of lair’s dice.

10. Name the Picture: name the person in the picture contest

Final. Gauntlet of five mini competitions: radio control tank battle, table top curling, and a few board games 

Congratulations to the CharCon King of the Nerds JB Roberts.  You can meet our new king at Lost Legion in Charleston where he runs the store.

The contest was fun just went on for a long time.  By the last challenge everyone but the final contestants, the staff running the event, and the people they came with, had already left, even myself staying till right before the finals.  There was a few logistic problems they had and communication issues, but overall a very fun experience with a several fun and unique games.

photos courtesy of CharCon


Nerdapalooza is night of art inspired by comic books, video games, and general nerdiness.  Not to be confused with the nerd music festival in Florida of the same name.  It is June 7th at 6:30 PM at the The DogHouse in Bluefield (1217 Bluefield Ave).


The show will feature artwork from Mark Davis, Kevin Morris, Amanda Davis, Jacob Bigg Bailey who will be tattooing during the show, Sam Franz, Sean Osborne, Rob  Boone, Holly Boone, Corey Drake, Claw Hammerfark and Loren Morris.

There will also be a musical performance from Jonah Knight. Jonah is known for a range of songs from paranormal folk, supernatural steampunk, and creepy Christmas songs and one of my personal faves.

The Razor Sharp studios will be bringing some of their films for viewing.  Razor Sharp is a Charleston based film production company specializing in horror/comedy. Their feature films include “Catholic Ghoulgirls,” “Vampire Whores from Outer Space,” “Porkchop,” “Porkchops,” “Zombie Babies,” and “Porkchopp3D.”

Looks to be a good time to see some cool art, hear some cool music, and meet some nerdy people.

CharCon Picnic and King of the Nerds Casting Call

The table top gaming convention CharCon is hosting a picnic for their attendees with their families and friends this Saturday May 18th starting at 11:30 AM at Coonskin Park Shelters 18 & 19.

They will be having gaming at the event with Pathfinder Society, SPARKS (Star Wars), board games, NERO combat, and more stuff for the whole family.  But the big event is they will be holding a casting call for the TBS show King of the Nerds.

They will holding team based nerdy/geeky challenges, eliminating challengers till only one is left.  The winner will receive a prize package that includes two CharCon 2013 (Oct. 18-20) passes and being submitted to the producers for your shot at being on season 2 of King of the Nerds.  Plus there will be extra prizes awarded throughout the challenges so you can still win something even if you do not win the big prize.

Come try your shot being King of the Nerds or show up and watch my obvious coronation.

Food will be provided.  Costs to go are $5 for one person or $10 for a family.  You can pay at the event.

Looks to be a great chance to mingle, eat, and have fun.  Even if you have not attended CharCon yet.  Come play games and meet people in a family friendly environment and even compete for your shot at reality TV fame.


Beltaine in the Forest

Beltaine is the Gaelic May Day festival celebrated between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. It has been become part of modern Pagan celebrations as well. And locals decided to bring the celebration to heart of the mountain state. Beltaine in the Forest began as a vision of Lady Bridwen’s to bring Pagan folk and friends together. This is the fourth year of the event.

It goes down this Saturday, May 11, from 11am till 7pm at the Kanawha State Forest in Charleston.

The big guest for the event is musician David Wood.  David is recording artist of both pagan and mainstream music from Columbus, Ohio.  He creates every sound and plays every instrument on his CDs.

Others entertainers at the event are Lady Bridwen another pagan musician plus a healer of several traditions.  She will be performing with David.  Charleston based belly dance troupe Tribal Desires.  They blend different styles style of belly dancing and street dance into their performances.

Events include hula-hooping classes, a Maypole Procession, Maypole dance, interactive Belatine ritual, raffle drawing, Narin the Mermaid drumming, dancing, feasting, presentations from Grandmother Elspeth, healing circle, several psychics, seed exchange, funnel cakes, and more.  A Children’s Circle with crafts will be there as well.

Vendors and artisans will be selling at the event such things as stone jewelry, staves, staffs, wands, magickal oils, herbs, candles, incense, books, CDs, art, Tarot decks, runes, garments, charms, baubles, soaps, potions, lotions, and more.

The event is designed for Pagans to gather and share each other’s company. I am not a Pagan myself, but I do feel comfortable in stopping by to check out the event, have some fun, and learn without being disrespectful to another’s belief. I think fans of psychics, fantasy, and Ren Faire style events might find something they would like as well.

There is more information and a schedule on their site to check out.  The event is free, but they do take donations to cover the costs of the whole thing.