Beltaine in the Forest

Beltaine is the Gaelic May Day festival celebrated between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. It has been become part of modern Pagan celebrations as well. And locals decided to bring the celebration to heart of the mountain state. Beltaine in the Forest began as a vision of Lady Bridwen’s to bring Pagan folk and friends together. This is the fourth year of the event.

It goes down this Saturday, May 11, from 11am till 7pm at the Kanawha State Forest in Charleston.

The big guest for the event is musician David Wood.  David is recording artist of both pagan and mainstream music from Columbus, Ohio.  He creates every sound and plays every instrument on his CDs.

Others entertainers at the event are Lady Bridwen another pagan musician plus a healer of several traditions.  She will be performing with David.  Charleston based belly dance troupe Tribal Desires.  They blend different styles style of belly dancing and street dance into their performances.

Events include hula-hooping classes, a Maypole Procession, Maypole dance, interactive Belatine ritual, raffle drawing, Narin the Mermaid drumming, dancing, feasting, presentations from Grandmother Elspeth, healing circle, several psychics, seed exchange, funnel cakes, and more.  A Children’s Circle with crafts will be there as well.

Vendors and artisans will be selling at the event such things as stone jewelry, staves, staffs, wands, magickal oils, herbs, candles, incense, books, CDs, art, Tarot decks, runes, garments, charms, baubles, soaps, potions, lotions, and more.

The event is designed for Pagans to gather and share each other’s company. I am not a Pagan myself, but I do feel comfortable in stopping by to check out the event, have some fun, and learn without being disrespectful to another’s belief. I think fans of psychics, fantasy, and Ren Faire style events might find something they would like as well.

There is more information and a schedule on their site to check out.  The event is free, but they do take donations to cover the costs of the whole thing.


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