Nerdapalooza is night of art inspired by comic books, video games, and general nerdiness.  Not to be confused with the nerd music festival in Florida of the same name.  It is June 7th at 6:30 PM at the The DogHouse in Bluefield (1217 Bluefield Ave).


The show will feature artwork from Mark Davis, Kevin Morris, Amanda Davis, Jacob Bigg Bailey who will be tattooing during the show, Sam Franz, Sean Osborne, Rob  Boone, Holly Boone, Corey Drake, Claw Hammerfark and Loren Morris.

There will also be a musical performance from Jonah Knight. Jonah is known for a range of songs from paranormal folk, supernatural steampunk, and creepy Christmas songs and one of my personal faves.

The Razor Sharp studios will be bringing some of their films for viewing.  Razor Sharp is a Charleston based film production company specializing in horror/comedy. Their feature films include “Catholic Ghoulgirls,” “Vampire Whores from Outer Space,” “Porkchop,” “Porkchops,” “Zombie Babies,” and “Porkchopp3D.”

Looks to be a good time to see some cool art, hear some cool music, and meet some nerdy people.


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