CharCon’s King of the Nerds Contest Results

Last Saturday was CharCon’s picnic and King of the Nerds casting call contest.  The weather was good, no rain and some gentle breezes throughout the day.   They had barbecue and hot dogs with all the fix-ens.  Eye of Sauron cake.  Games of SPARKS and Pathfinder were played by several fans and new comers to the games.  And just a fun time hanging out with old friends.  Though you want to hear more about the King of the Nerds contest don’t you.

The game started out with 18 contestants who all took an initial questionnaire on various geek knowledge, like sci-fi, literature, zombies, history, and more.  You can check out the questionnaire yourself and see how you would have done over at the CharCon forums.  The top 12 contestants with highest scores were split into two teams.  

The rest of the games would involve a challenge for the group/individual.  Then either the lowest scoring member of the losing team/individual was eliminated from the game or in games without a scoring method a quick game of some kind was played to handle elimination. The challenges went as followed.

1. Clubs Card Game

2. Brain Puzzles: A series of 10 brain puzzles for each team to figure out.

3. Staff Dodge Ball: the staff members of CharCon lined up holding a piece of paper with numbers written on them (numbers were hidden), then the participants each got to take a dodge ball three times and throw at the lined up staff, and taking the number they held plus a roll of a D20 to score points.  Con Chair Travis Reynolds was the number one talk of the event.

4. Lord of the Ring Toss: a relay race involving sword fighting and archery,lighting torches, translation puzzle, and finally throwing the one ring onto the Mt. Doom post.

5. Angry Nerds: a live action version of Angry Birds, with green balloons filled with some water in them and using computer paper boxes to build the defense.

6. La Boca: cooperative board game of shapes, colors, and using 3D blocks to create a 2D pattern

7. Trivia Contest: basic trivia contest with questions like from the questionnaire; this was the last team based event.

8. Shoot the Zombies: air soft gun shooting of zombie targets, with targets made from CharCon staff members as innocents to avoid hitting, sadly this one was marked with all kinds of technical differences with the guns and even needed a tie breaker round to finish it off

9. Liar’s Dice: a game of lair’s dice.

10. Name the Picture: name the person in the picture contest

Final. Gauntlet of five mini competitions: radio control tank battle, table top curling, and a few board games 

Congratulations to the CharCon King of the Nerds JB Roberts.  You can meet our new king at Lost Legion in Charleston where he runs the store.

The contest was fun just went on for a long time.  By the last challenge everyone but the final contestants, the staff running the event, and the people they came with, had already left, even myself staying till right before the finals.  There was a few logistic problems they had and communication issues, but overall a very fun experience with a several fun and unique games.

photos courtesy of CharCon


One thought on “CharCon’s King of the Nerds Contest Results

  1. “One of our ongoing goals with CharCon is to get more children involved in playing tabletop games and we believe strongly in the positive impact of doing this as a family,” said Travis Reynolds, chief executive director of CharCon.

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