2013 Mego Meet: Mego Toy Collectors Convention

Mego Corporation was a toy company that was very big in 70’s with lines like the “World’s Greatest Superheroes” with both DC and Marvel, Plant of the Apes, celebrity dolls, Star Trek, and more.  Its figures are some of the most sought out by collectors in the world.  Customizers based on Mego’s 8 inch interchangeable bodies are popular as well.

Mego Meet is the gathering of Mego collectors and customizers to buy and trade parts and figures, attend sessions on design or about the Mego Corporation and their toys, and hang out to meet each other.  It is run by the Mego Museum website and other friends.

The 2013 Mego Meet be at The Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum in Wheeling, West Virginia on June 7-8th, with some early bird events on Thursday the 6th.  

On Thursday night around 6 or 7 PM you will be able to find a group to go out to eat with then go up the Mego suite at the Hampton Inn and hang out there.

Things really get started on Friday.  Reception starts at 5 PM.  There will be a swap meet, pizza party, and dealer set.  You can check out the museum during the day before 5 PM.  Informal kind of day.  At 10 PM it is back to the Mego Suite.

Saturday has more things planned out.  Doors open 9 AM.  There are speakers and panels from then till 5 PM.  Topics include EMCE Toys, silk-screening demo, resin casting, 3D printing, and more.  An auction of rare and custom action figures will also be held to raise money for the Mego Museum site.  The Big Toy Auction  will be helping out with the auction.  At 6:30 PM there will be a dinner at local restaurant.  Then back to the Mego Suite one more time.

The Official 2013 Mego Meet Exclusive Figure is Synderman.  Synderman was the spokes character for Hero Worlds Distribution in the 70’s.

Registration for the meet is $20 and includes spouse and/or children you might bring.  Dealer tables are $35.

Mego Meet looks like a chance for some nostalgia, even if you do not remember Mego figures.  Something to stop by and check out if you have the chance.



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