Nerdapalooza Night Review

Last Friday I drove down to Bluefield for the Nerdapalozza art show.

The show was held at a building known as the Dog House.  Inside is the vintage video game store Pixelnation Retro Game Store, Pinhead Tattoo parlor, and a little flea market with several comic book long boxes.  Old brick building that was a small warehouse, but has been mostly cleaned up very nicely.  The art exhibit was held in lounge area that had been cleaned up.  Overall a nice place for the event and look forward what else they do with the place for future events.

The artists at the event had created several different pieces with various styles.  They were reasonably priced as well, but I did not end up picking anything up.  Work with pixels, oils, crafts, comic inspired art, and several other nerdy inspired projects to check out.  Sam Franz, one artist I got to talk with, did several things about obsolete technology.  One thing he did was to take old tech (VHS tapes, cassettes, NES cartridges, a cell phone that looks just like the one I use) and make ceramics of them like they had been fossilized.  Pinhead Tattoos did a few tattoos during the show and people could watch it being done.

Razor Sharp studios was there selling several of their movies and did a screening of Porkchop 3D.  I ended up talking with friends for a long time and missed the showing, plus I am not a big horror movie fan.  Though watching a horror film in the back, dark, and dingy part of a warehouse (which they did) must have been the perfect atmosphere.

Jonah Knight‘s performed a number of songs at the show.  Unfortunately, the acoustics were not the best.  He played in the warehouse part, with brick walls all around, and it made it a little hard to hear especially when he talked between songs.  Even worse were people hanging around at the other end of room having their own conversations which was just rude and distracting.  But I still felt it was a good show and he was able to show off his skill and various songs he does.

The show was intimate and personal.  Everyone was friendly, meet new people, saw some old ones, and generally had a good time looking at the art.  The had some food and drinks set out to snack on which was tasty. I headed home around 10PM as things started to wind down and several other people were leaving.  Good to time and waiting to hear about the horror themed event they are working on next.


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