Zombie Prom in Souther WV

Yet another event I learn about at the last minute.  Glade Springs Resort in Raleigh County is hosting their 1st Zombie Prom this Saturday night, July 27th.  It is a chance to dress in your best prom or zombie (or both) clothes.  They have arranged a “professional blood splatter-er” to help give people a zombie look.  I think they mean make-up artist and if not I would like to know how you become a “professional blood splatter-er.”

There will be dancing, with music provided by a DJ, some snacks, a cash bar, and a chance to vote the Zombie King and Queen of the prom.  Plus the Haunted Barn will have their Last Ride casket rides, a solo experience in a wooden casket.

“With shows like Walking Dead, people are really into the zombies all year long, not just at Halloween so we decided to throw this Zombie Prom, you can get dressed up like a zombie going to prom or just a zombie in general.” Glade Springs Resort Creative Director Ashley Davis said.

The event is for 16 and up.  Things will get started at 8pm and goes till midnight.  Admission is $10 at the door, no advance tickets available.

A chance for zombie lovers to go have fun together.



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