Over the Border: Midoricon

Midoricon is an interesting take on the usually anime convention, it moves from a hotel or convention center to a woodland setting with a lodge and plenty of outdoor events.  This will be their second and with a new location.  It is September 6-8th at Shawnee State Park Lodge in West Portsmouth, Ohio.

The have regular con programming with panels, artist alley, vendors, cosplay contest, table top gaming and the like.  They then add elements of a Japanese festival with a cabin community of events, outdoor panels, various games, workshops, martial arts demos in dojos, a beach party, pool rave, bonfire, and more.  Special events over the weekend will include Pokemon geocaching, a Slenderman hike, live action Mario Kart, Team Fortress water balloon battle, and outdoor movies.

Guests for the event are Steve Kamb the founder of Nerd Fitness, which has created superhero and video game inspired workouts and has helped people to lead lives of “real adventures”; Mr. Creepy Pasta a master of creepypasta videos, creepy stories that try to blend reality and fantasy; the Bangarang Cosplay group of twelve members of various experience levels; indy table top game company Derpy Games; the Dragon Phoenix Wu Shu martial arts team; and Sleeping Samurai, boffer combat based on Japanese swordplay and morals.  They are all doing various interactive events during the convention to learn and have fun at.

There is an attendance cap of 750 and no signs of it filling up yet.  Pre-reg is $50 till the end of August and same at door.  One day badges are $35 at door.

Looks like something different and interesting for fans of anime, cosplay, martial arts, Japanese culture, and more to try and go do.


More RiffTrax Screenings

The MST3K alumni guys of RiffTrax are doing another live riffing streamed in theaters across the US and for the first time Canada.  It will be this Thursday August 15 at 8pm.  They will be riffing the modern campy sci-fi epic Starship Troopers.

This was original going to be Twilight, they held a Kickstarter to get the rights, but they were unable to obtain the rights to mock Twilight live.  If you really want to hear them though you buy their MP3 commentary for it though.  They were able to get Starship Troopers instead.  Which is better if you think about, cause it means we are not giving more money to Twilight.  The event will be a little over two hours since the movie is so long I feel that means we will not get to see the guys do any shorts before the movie, but who knows.

There is also a Trivia Sweepstakes for this event.  It is a chance to test your Starship Troopers knowledge for one of three prize packs including a poster signed by “the guys” and a Starship Troopers Blu-ray.  Answer nine questions about trivia from the movie to be automatically entered.  Increase your chances of winning by sharing the sweepstake with others.

Tickets are $12.50 when I got mine and can be ordered online or at the theater.  Locations in state include: Cinemark 10 in Bridgeport, Stadium 12 in Morgantown and Nitro, plus at the Huntington Mall in Barboursville.  I will be at the Barboursville one.  I will be the one wearing my “Doctor Horrible is My Master Now” shirt.

About Starship Troopers
This 1997 giant-bug-alien war flick is an adaptation of Robert Heinlein’s classic 1950s giant-bug-alien war novel of the same name, but with bigger, juicier bugs. Director Paul Verhoeven brings the same insane glee to the screen as he did for the classics RoboCop and the original Total Recall.

More To Do On Saturday

In case you do not have enough to do on Saturday August 10th, Tristate Otaku Unite and Epic Adventures are having an All Day Thing at Joplin part in Charleston.

TOU is celebrating International Cosplay Day, from noon to 6pm.  They will be having a Picture Scavenger Hunt, open card gaming, and a relax atmosphere to hang out.  It is a bring your own food event, but feel free to bring any to share.

From 6pm to 10pm, Epic Adventures LARP and Battle Games is having their annual event Guardian of the Seasons.  There will be boffer combat games, a role playing quest, and a potluck.

Then from 10pm till midnight, Epic Adventures annual Night Battle.  They have flag collection boffer battle game and a Hunger Games style battle.

Plus after it gets dark, there will be a glow stick party.  They will be able to play some music and it is bring your own glow sticks for fun.

Everyone is invited and welcome.  You can hang out and do not need to participate in the LARPing.  


Yet another event on the same day is Heros 4 Higher doing an Anti-Bullying Hero Training at the Huntington Mall in Barboursville.

Heroes 4 Hire is a group from Huntington that dresses as well known superheroes to spread a positive motivational message to children and adults.  Their message “Be The Hero.”  They are available for parties, fundraisers, hospital and school visits, or other special events.

Another Zombie Prom

Kanawha Players Theater will be hosting its 2nd annual Zombie Prom on Saturday, August 10 at their theater in Charleston.   The prom will be a cheesy combination of nostalgic high school tradition with zombie fandom.  It goes from 9pm till midnight.

They will have refreshments, music, contests, prizes, attractions, and performances throughout the night in a family friendly environment.  They will be offering free zombie make-up if you do not know, or want to do, your own.  It will be available between 8pm and 9pm, before the prom.  You will be given a chance to vote for your favorite choose of Zombie Prom King and Queen.  Plus prizes for best costume and a brain eating contest.

The Master of Ceremonies for the prom is Vincent Renfield.  The Haunted Barn will be offering their Coffin Rides.  A selection of hearses from the Cemetery Knights Hearse Club will be on display.  A performance by the Wayward Girls School of Burlesque.  They will be offering prom photos from Mike Winland Studios.

Tickets are $15 per person or $25 per couple.  Pre-register or buy at door.

Another chance for you zombie fans to show off and party.

Superhero 5K Walk/Run

Brandon Smith is a man suffering from an unknown medical condition that has affected him neurologically and his ability to enjoy life.  The Brandon Smith Benefit is setup to help with the bills that he has incurred.  I know there is more to this story, but all I need to hear is “good man is sick, needs help”  I do not need the rest of the story.  Just where to give money.

One of the fundraisers for the benefits is a Superhero 5K Walk/Run at Valley Park in Teays Valley/Hurricane on August 17.  Event starts at 11am.


Participants are encouraged to wear superhero shirts or in costume as your favorite superhero for the race.   Kids are welcomed to join as well.  The first 50 people to register to run/walk will receive a special gift, currently there are 48 people registered.  Pre-registration is $30 for a runner, $25 for a walker, and $10 for kids 8 and under.  Tax and processing fee not included.  You can also sign up to be a volunteer as well for free. You can also register on the day of the run/walk.

For those who want to help but can not make it out, you can still purchase a shirt or make a donation on the main site.  Shirts are $10 for youth small to adult x-large and $12 for 2x-large up to 4xl-large.  

This is a chance to do some good and still have a fun time.  I am going to be there, probably just as a volunteer or spectator, but I do encourage all to give what they can.  Valley Park is a great place to check out if you are not familiar with it yet.