Another Zombie Prom

Kanawha Players Theater will be hosting its 2nd annual Zombie Prom on Saturday, August 10 at their theater in Charleston.   The prom will be a cheesy combination of nostalgic high school tradition with zombie fandom.  It goes from 9pm till midnight.

They will have refreshments, music, contests, prizes, attractions, and performances throughout the night in a family friendly environment.  They will be offering free zombie make-up if you do not know, or want to do, your own.  It will be available between 8pm and 9pm, before the prom.  You will be given a chance to vote for your favorite choose of Zombie Prom King and Queen.  Plus prizes for best costume and a brain eating contest.

The Master of Ceremonies for the prom is Vincent Renfield.  The Haunted Barn will be offering their Coffin Rides.  A selection of hearses from the Cemetery Knights Hearse Club will be on display.  A performance by the Wayward Girls School of Burlesque.  They will be offering prom photos from Mike Winland Studios.

Tickets are $15 per person or $25 per couple.  Pre-register or buy at door.

Another chance for you zombie fans to show off and party.


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