More To Do On Saturday

In case you do not have enough to do on Saturday August 10th, Tristate Otaku Unite and Epic Adventures are having an All Day Thing at Joplin part in Charleston.

TOU is celebrating International Cosplay Day, from noon to 6pm.  They will be having a Picture Scavenger Hunt, open card gaming, and a relax atmosphere to hang out.  It is a bring your own food event, but feel free to bring any to share.

From 6pm to 10pm, Epic Adventures LARP and Battle Games is having their annual event Guardian of the Seasons.  There will be boffer combat games, a role playing quest, and a potluck.

Then from 10pm till midnight, Epic Adventures annual Night Battle.  They have flag collection boffer battle game and a Hunger Games style battle.

Plus after it gets dark, there will be a glow stick party.  They will be able to play some music and it is bring your own glow sticks for fun.

Everyone is invited and welcome.  You can hang out and do not need to participate in the LARPing.  


Yet another event on the same day is Heros 4 Higher doing an Anti-Bullying Hero Training at the Huntington Mall in Barboursville.

Heroes 4 Hire is a group from Huntington that dresses as well known superheroes to spread a positive motivational message to children and adults.  Their message “Be The Hero.”  They are available for parties, fundraisers, hospital and school visits, or other special events.


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