Over the Border: Midoricon

Midoricon is an interesting take on the usually anime convention, it moves from a hotel or convention center to a woodland setting with a lodge and plenty of outdoor events.  This will be their second and with a new location.  It is September 6-8th at Shawnee State Park Lodge in West Portsmouth, Ohio.

The have regular con programming with panels, artist alley, vendors, cosplay contest, table top gaming and the like.  They then add elements of a Japanese festival with a cabin community of events, outdoor panels, various games, workshops, martial arts demos in dojos, a beach party, pool rave, bonfire, and more.  Special events over the weekend will include Pokemon geocaching, a Slenderman hike, live action Mario Kart, Team Fortress water balloon battle, and outdoor movies.

Guests for the event are Steve Kamb the founder of Nerd Fitness, which has created superhero and video game inspired workouts and has helped people to lead lives of “real adventures”; Mr. Creepy Pasta a master of creepypasta videos, creepy stories that try to blend reality and fantasy; the Bangarang Cosplay group of twelve members of various experience levels; indy table top game company Derpy Games; the Dragon Phoenix Wu Shu martial arts team; and Sleeping Samurai, boffer combat based on Japanese swordplay and morals.  They are all doing various interactive events during the convention to learn and have fun at.

There is an attendance cap of 750 and no signs of it filling up yet.  Pre-reg is $50 till the end of August and same at door.  One day badges are $35 at door.

Looks like something different and interesting for fans of anime, cosplay, martial arts, Japanese culture, and more to try and go do.


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