Suicide 5 Kickstarter

A new project from writer Jason Pell and artist Ryan Howe is on Kickstarter.  It is a new comic book with a very different kind of story called Suicide 5.

Suicide 5 is about five people willing to die for immortal fame.  The story has the group force Mason, a shut-in sculptor, to be the judge of the suicides for originality and style.  The story follows the characters through their deadly game and shows the dread and fear they all experience.

Also if you got last year’s Kickstarter Season’s End by Pell and Blake Wheeler and want more story from it, there is a short story set in the same world in the Suicide 5 book. You can get some new original art from it as well in the rewards.  Blake has painted a short story that will act as a bridge to further Season’s End tales.

The goal is $8,500, with $7,000 for printing, $700 for shipping, and the rest for incidentals.  Any extra funds will go to promotion and/or using a bigger publisher.  So far (as of this writing) $2,085 has already been raised.  You have till October 2 to donate.


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