Family Business Indiegogo

RJ Haddy, of Face Off fame, has a movie project he wants to make.  A story he devised while working for his uncle at a funeral parlor.

A story of a trio of eccentric uncles, an orphaned teenager made to live with them, and an ancient rotting funeral home with some magic and mystery.  As the story unfolds we get to learn what the three uncles do in the locked funeral home basement.  The film will use old fashion miniatures, matte paintings, puppetry, animatronics, creature suits, make up effects, and more to make it the most exciting thing it can be.

To put this film together and make it the best it can be, he is using Indiegogo to raise the first $100,000, though the cost of the movie is expect to go up.  Besides this fund-raiser they will be getting some private donations, matching grants, and other fundraising sources.  This initial amount will see the film through pre-production, creation of sets, props, costumes, and effects, plus location rentals, personnel, actors, vehicles, and more.

RJ has gathered some friends to help out with the project: Roy Wooley (from Season 3 and 5 of Face Off and film make up artist), Beki Ingram (artist/film maker, Season 2 of Face Off), David Henson Greathouse (director, writer, make-up artist), and Robert Kurtzman (legendary make-up artist and creature effects creator).  More FX artists and others will be announced as they join the crusade.

In conjunction with the movie they are going to make a web-based reality show.  One that will show you all the behind the scenes of the movie making process.

This is going to be great chance to promote filmmaking here in West Virginia.  The project is planned to be boon to film professionals in our state.  A chance for high quality filmmaking to come to the state and inspire others. There will be intern positions as assistants for the film for those looking for some hands-on training as well.

They request you to donate to the fund, but also to help spread the word about the project.  Something that might lead to more projects if it succeeds.  This is a chance to help the community (and not just one project) and to make yourself feel good about doing it.  Which might be the biggest reward you get for this.  The low-cost reward levels for this are mostly e-mail updates about the project, advance access to the web series, autographed cast photo, and shout outs from the cast and crew on social media.  At $50 you get a digital download of the film, $75 gets you special thanks in the credits, $100 a limited edition t-shirt, and various other levels.  Higher ones get you make up accessorizes, premier tickets, Skype a production meeting and give input, be an extra in the movie, and more that allows you to be part of the film.  Some of them are a limited set, so get them quick.


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