Halloween ComicFest

From the people who brought you Free Comic Book Day, we have another reason to give a visit to your local comic book shop, Halloween Comic Fest.  Twenty two special Halloween comics from fourteen comic book publishers will be given away for free this Saturday October 26th to Sunday the 27th.


Eleven of the fee comics are Batman Li’l Gotham and Batman: The Long Halloween from, a Cartoon Network sampler from IDW Publishing, Disenchanted from Avatar Press, Junji Ito’s Uzumaki from Viz, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children from Yen Press, Skyward from Action Lab Entertainment, Sonic The Hedgehog from Archie Comics, Soulfire Genesis from Aspen, and finally Thor and Spider-man from Marvel.

The eleven other comics are a set of mini comics, smaller sized ones.  These are Action Lab’s Vamplets Ghost Pony, Antarctic Press’s Zombie Kid Diaries, Ape Entertainment’s Sesame Street, Archaia’s Zombinata/Pantalones, Archie’s Pals ‘n’ Gals, Kaboom with Adventure Time, Dark Horse’s itty bitty Hellboy, IDW’s My Little Pony, Image’s Super Dinosaur,  Oni Press’s Sketch Monsters, and Ben 10 Omniverse from Viz.

Oh and they have the Greatest Costume Contest Ever.  Click on the link and check out the entries.  You can vote for your favorites in five categories: superhero/comics, gamer, horror, TV/Movie, and original.

Checking their store locator I see that the Lost Legion stores, Purple Earth, and Comic World are all participating.  So if you have the time check your local store for some free comics and I am sure you will meet some new friends.


Jedi Jamboree

As part of FestivALL Fall the Kanawha County Public Library’s Jedi Jamboree is a week of Star Wars themed events and activities from October 21st-26st at eight different libraries.

Saint Albans will be doing Make and Take Craft events for kids each day throughout the week.  On Monday at 6pm they have a special Princess Leia hair and Yoda ears craft for kids.  Thursday at 6pm is the Star Wars party for kids and costumes.

At Cross Lanes from Wednesday 1pm to 5pm it is Make Your Own Lightsaber and Games for Teens at 4pm.

On Thursday at Dunbar is Jedi Knight training at 4pm, Elk View Star Wars show and tell at 6pm, Nitro’s Star Wars party at 6pm, and Riverside Star Wars celebration with costumes at 6pm.

Sissonville on Saturday from noon to 3pm is more Jedi Knight training

The big event is at the Main Library on Saturday from 10am to 3pm.  There will be Jedi Knight training, an Asteroid Field obstacle course, a Garbage Masher scavenger hunt and a Wormhole crawl for older kids; games and other activities for teens and adults, a costume contest for all ages, a photo booth, crafts, and movies.  Plus get to meet Star Wars author John Jackson Miller at 1pm

Wisconsin author John Jackson Miller has spent a lifetime immersed in the worlds of fantasy and science fiction. He is the author of three Star Wars novels from Del Rey including the national bestseller Star Wars: Knight Errant, Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith, and his just-released hardcover novel Star Wars: Kenobi, which focuses on the early days of Obi-Wan’s exile on Tatooine.

Lots of great events to get to if you can.  Makes me want to borrow a little kid to got to some.


Two Ways to See Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead by George Romero and John Russo is a classic of zombie movie horror and now is your chance to see this story in two different ways.

It is Night of The Living Dead live from the Kanawha Players Theater in Charleston.  A theatrical version of the movie where the actors, props, and sets will all be black and white except for the blood.  Tonight’s performance will feature Jeremy Ambler, from the Walking Dead.  It will be directed by Devon Nuckles and Ginger Workman.
Show dates are October 18th, 19th, 25th, and 26th all at 8pm and on the 20th at 2pm.  Tickets $12 for adults and $10 for senior citizens, kids under 18, and students with ID.

Fall out from a satellite probe shot to Venus returns to Earth carrying a mysterious radiation that transforms the unburied dead into flesh-eating zombies. Seven people trapped in an isolated farmhouse, held hostage by the ravenous ghouls, begin to turn on each other as the dead encroach. A gripping terror-filled monochromatic play that brings all the fright of the cult classic to life. This blend of thrilling horror laced with touches of black humor envelops the audience in the action and unfolds into a shocking theatrical ending.


Come see RiffTrax Live: Night of the Living Dead in a theater near you!
RiffTrax is doing one of their live shows on Tursday October 24 with their riffed version of Night of the Living Dead.  I think this version is going to be different from their earlier riff version.  The movie is only about 90 minutes long, but they always use about two hours.  Which means there should be several shorts before the feature to check out.  Plus arrive early for the pre-show “trivia.”

Check your area for a showing.  I will be in Barboursville again myself.  Tickets are still available.

Hack3rCon^4 Eye of the Storm

Hack3rcon is holding their fourth personal and cyber security conference on October 19th-20th at the Charleston Civic Center.  304Geeks created and run the conference.  304Geeks is a group for people in the Charleston area who have an interested in computers. The goal of the group is to bring together computer professional from various backgrounds to network and share knowledge.

There will be several panels on a mix of cyber and personal security topics and techniques.  Speakers confirmed are Martin Bos, Adrian Crenshaw, Branden Miller, Eric Milam, Jon Schipp, Sean Palka, Brian Martin, Branden Miller, Justin Rogosky, Nathan Magniez, John Degruyter, and Tom Moore.

They will have a private dinner at Fifth Quarter (limited seating), a hacker village, vendor room, concealed handgun course, 304 Geeks meetup, lockpick contest, Capture the Flag, and more just hanging out with fellow computer nerds.  Registration is $75 for the weekend.

This is an event for all those would be hackers and people interested in security.  Oh in case you missed or were wondering, yes this is going on the same time and location as CharCon and book sell.

Rising Star 22

Rising Star is a sci-fi convention held on the campus of Bluefield State College in Bluefield.  It is a small and very relaxed style convention that covers many different fandoms.  This year’s event is on October 25th through the 26th.

Guests at this year’s con are Kim Headlee (Arthurian author), Ashley Holohan (furry artist), Mark and Amanda Davis (artists), Seth Banner (artist), Chris Impink and Barb Fischer (webcomic), Laura Lin (paranormal author), Dan Delby (comics), Paul Dellinger (UFO writer), Consortium 499 (musician), Pure Steam (steampunk gaming), the Bluefield State College Robotics Team, Strange AEON LARP, Black Diamond Paranormal Society, Sisters of Salem (paranormal group), Chris Dehart (make up artist), White Plectrum (filker), Abingdom Historical Combat, and the biggest start of all (read: full of flaming gas) myself.

Things to do and see at the con include an art show and auction, makeup demos, table top gaming, tournaments by Rare Hunters, dealers, art demos, video game tourneys by Game Stop, charity auction, dance party, fighting demos, LARPing, My Little Pony meetup, film fest, anime room, costume call, photo ops, music concerts, and various panels.  I will be holding a panel on “Nerd Music” and joining the panel on Doctor Who.    Food will be available on site for purchase.

Passes to the con are only $5. Students and staff of Bluefield State College get in free with a BSC ID.  This is something for fans who like small events and are more into events with substance instead of flashing events.

CharCon 2013

CharCon returns to the Charleston Civic Center on October 18th-20th.  This year’s theme is fantasy.


An array of different games will be played through out the con, board games, miniatures, card games, RPGs, and live action games.  Scheduled games include several sessions of both Pathfinder Society and Sparks Force (Star Wars), Magic and Kaijudo tournaments, a Settler’s of Catan World Championship qualifier, con favorite “Orc and Pie,” Sergeants!, Warhammer 40000, Sailpower, LARPing with NERO, and more.  There is also open gaming areas for you to bring your own stuff or join someone else. The con will have a board game library that lets you check out new and old favorites to play.

The CharCon Premier Game Tournament is a chance to play recent released board games from different companies and earn points in the tournament.  For an entry fee of $5 you get to play in the tournament as much as you want and a free new game or two.

Several vendors and artists will be there.  CharCon always does a large raffle of many interesting items.  There are two costume contests, the adult one Saturday evening and the children’s on Sunday.  Lost Legion Games will host a “paint and take” table and a painting contest.  Also the 3rd Annual Board/Card Game Design Contest, where you get to play someone’s home-built game.  On Saturday night is the CharCon After Dark party at the Holiday Inn next door.

Guest at the con are artist Lindsay Archer, who has worked on a several RPGs and fantasy art, and cosplay guest Toni Darling.

A weekend pass is $40, Friday and Sunday is $20, and Saturday is $25.  Children 12 and younger passes are half of an adult.  A visitor’s badge, which lets you into the convention but not play any games, is only $5 if you want to check out things or just come to hang out.

If you like table top gaming or want to learn more about it, this con is for you.  Even if you do not play it will still be a great chance to meet others with similar interests.

The Kanawha County Public Library Book Sale will be on Saturday at the Civic Center from 8am to 5pm as well.  Something else to tempt you.

Tsubasacon X

Tsubasacon is celebrating their tenth year of conventions on October 11th-13th in Huntington at the Big Sandy Conference Center.  Like last year, the Mayor of Huntington will honor the con during Opening Ceremonies by declaring this “Tsubasacon Weekend”, but also this year a representative from the Governor’s office will be there.

Mitsuki small

Voice actor guests at the con are David Vincent (Bleach, Code Geass, GunxSword), Chris Cason (FMA, DBZ, Hetalia), Danielle McRae (LoL, WoW, SkullGirls), and Laura Post (LoL, Skullgirls, Wow).  Music guests singer songwriter Junko Fujiyama and nerdcore act 2d6.  Special programming guest is game show host Greg Wicker (Greggo).

Things to see and do at the con include a viewing room, CCG tournaments, fan panels and demonstration, autograph sessions, games shows, guest Q&As, video games and tournaments, music concerts, artist alley, photo shoots, formal masquerade ball, vendors room karaoke, AMV contest, martial arts exhibition, League of Legends tournament, Saturday night rave, Random Battle Group (non contact mock JRPG style battles), and cosplay contest.

New this year is the Button Scavenger Hunt, pre-register for $25 and you get a special lanyard and buttons that you need to trade for other ones for points.  The Tsu Region Pokémon League Challenge for the Game Boy DS, where you get to play against the con’s Gym Leaders.  I will have six panels during the con, under the name of Otaku@DEEP.  If you attend all six I will give you a special prize.  The con is helping out two charities this year.  A canned food drive for the Huntington Area Food Bank and Foster Care Tote/Luggage Drive

For those with smart phones, you can download the con’s new app.

A con for fans of anime, video games, card games, cosplay and even My Little Pony and Homestuck.  At door registration is $40 for the weekend, $25 for Friday, $35 for Saturday, $15 for Sunday, and special rates for children.