Tsubasacon X

Tsubasacon is celebrating their tenth year of conventions on October 11th-13th in Huntington at the Big Sandy Conference Center.  Like last year, the Mayor of Huntington will honor the con during Opening Ceremonies by declaring this “Tsubasacon Weekend”, but also this year a representative from the Governor’s office will be there.

Mitsuki small

Voice actor guests at the con are David Vincent (Bleach, Code Geass, GunxSword), Chris Cason (FMA, DBZ, Hetalia), Danielle McRae (LoL, WoW, SkullGirls), and Laura Post (LoL, Skullgirls, Wow).  Music guests singer songwriter Junko Fujiyama and nerdcore act 2d6.  Special programming guest is game show host Greg Wicker (Greggo).

Things to see and do at the con include a viewing room, CCG tournaments, fan panels and demonstration, autograph sessions, games shows, guest Q&As, video games and tournaments, music concerts, artist alley, photo shoots, formal masquerade ball, vendors room karaoke, AMV contest, martial arts exhibition, League of Legends tournament, Saturday night rave, Random Battle Group (non contact mock JRPG style battles), and cosplay contest.

New this year is the Button Scavenger Hunt, pre-register for $25 and you get a special lanyard and buttons that you need to trade for other ones for points.  The Tsu Region Pokémon League Challenge for the Game Boy DS, where you get to play against the con’s Gym Leaders.  I will have six panels during the con, under the name of Otaku@DEEP.  If you attend all six I will give you a special prize.  The con is helping out two charities this year.  A canned food drive for the Huntington Area Food Bank and Foster Care Tote/Luggage Drive

For those with smart phones, you can download the con’s new app.

A con for fans of anime, video games, card games, cosplay and even My Little Pony and Homestuck.  At door registration is $40 for the weekend, $25 for Friday, $35 for Saturday, $15 for Sunday, and special rates for children.



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