CharCon 2013

CharCon returns to the Charleston Civic Center on October 18th-20th.  This year’s theme is fantasy.


An array of different games will be played through out the con, board games, miniatures, card games, RPGs, and live action games.  Scheduled games include several sessions of both Pathfinder Society and Sparks Force (Star Wars), Magic and Kaijudo tournaments, a Settler’s of Catan World Championship qualifier, con favorite “Orc and Pie,” Sergeants!, Warhammer 40000, Sailpower, LARPing with NERO, and more.  There is also open gaming areas for you to bring your own stuff or join someone else. The con will have a board game library that lets you check out new and old favorites to play.

The CharCon Premier Game Tournament is a chance to play recent released board games from different companies and earn points in the tournament.  For an entry fee of $5 you get to play in the tournament as much as you want and a free new game or two.

Several vendors and artists will be there.  CharCon always does a large raffle of many interesting items.  There are two costume contests, the adult one Saturday evening and the children’s on Sunday.  Lost Legion Games will host a “paint and take” table and a painting contest.  Also the 3rd Annual Board/Card Game Design Contest, where you get to play someone’s home-built game.  On Saturday night is the CharCon After Dark party at the Holiday Inn next door.

Guest at the con are artist Lindsay Archer, who has worked on a several RPGs and fantasy art, and cosplay guest Toni Darling.

A weekend pass is $40, Friday and Sunday is $20, and Saturday is $25.  Children 12 and younger passes are half of an adult.  A visitor’s badge, which lets you into the convention but not play any games, is only $5 if you want to check out things or just come to hang out.

If you like table top gaming or want to learn more about it, this con is for you.  Even if you do not play it will still be a great chance to meet others with similar interests.

The Kanawha County Public Library Book Sale will be on Saturday at the Civic Center from 8am to 5pm as well.  Something else to tempt you.


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