Hack3rCon^4 Eye of the Storm

Hack3rcon is holding their fourth personal and cyber security conference on October 19th-20th at the Charleston Civic Center.  304Geeks created and run the conference.  304Geeks is a group for people in the Charleston area who have an interested in computers. The goal of the group is to bring together computer professional from various backgrounds to network and share knowledge.

There will be several panels on a mix of cyber and personal security topics and techniques.  Speakers confirmed are Martin Bos, Adrian Crenshaw, Branden Miller, Eric Milam, Jon Schipp, Sean Palka, Brian Martin, Branden Miller, Justin Rogosky, Nathan Magniez, John Degruyter, and Tom Moore.

They will have a private dinner at Fifth Quarter (limited seating), a hacker village, vendor room, concealed handgun course, 304 Geeks meetup, lockpick contest, Capture the Flag, and more just hanging out with fellow computer nerds.  Registration is $75 for the weekend.

This is an event for all those would be hackers and people interested in security.  Oh in case you missed or were wondering, yes this is going on the same time and location as CharCon and book sell.


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