Tri-Con, Mike Foley, and the Larrys

West Virginia’s largest fandom event, Tri State Comic Con (Tri-Con) will be May 31st this year at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena in Huntington again.

One of the big names for this year is wrestling legend Mick Foley.  A four-time world champ, two-time New York Times best-selling author, and a stand-up comic/spoken-word performer.  He is also the author of the WWE’s new comic book.  Another is fan favorite writer Gail Simone, with famous runs on Birds of Prey, Secret Six, Batgirl, and much more.  This will be a regional exclusive appearance.  Other new guests this are Chris Sprouse co-creator of Tom Strong, Pop Mhan, Jonathan Glapion, Heater Breckel of My Little Pony comic fame, and James Asmus.  Previous guests Darryl Banks, Lora Innes, Mark Kidwell, Chad Lambart, Tommy Patterson, Beau Smith, Billy Tucci, and many other artists and comic creators.

The Larrys” are Tri-Con’s new annual awards sponsored by the podcast In This Issue.  There will be two awards this year, “Best in Comic” and “Best in Art.”  The awards will be determined by In This Issue and a group of guest professionals.  Creators may send in their creations for nomination.  Winners will be announced at the con.

They are also looking for the biggest Tricon fan out there.  E-mail them a 500-1000 word reason why you are Tricon’s biggest fan.  They will select one fan and name them the Larry Hall of Fame Fan of 2014.  They will receive a plaque during the show.  So send in your submission and come to the con to see me win the plaque cause I have this in the bag.  Photos may also be sent in.

Tickets are $10 for general admission, guest friendly package which gets you in thirty minutes early and exclusive print are $15, and still available are the VIP package which comes with exclusive prints, blank variant comic, buttons, t-shirt, and hour early access to show for $25.  Kids under 10 get in free.

Great show for fans of comics and general nerdy culture.


We’re Going to Name It VandaliaCon

There is a new Steampunk convention coming to the state, Vandalia-Con.  It will be May 2-4 in Parkersburg at the Blennerhassett Hotel.  The convention is to raise funds to provide for uninsured women with screening, diagnosis, and treatment for breast and cervical cancer.

The con will be having classes, workshops, panels, vendors, and special events all weekend long.

Some events include the Miner’s Lament Saloon on Friday, where you can gamble and bid on items in the Red-Eye Auction.  On Saturday will be a screening of the locally filmed steampunk reimaging of the classic 1930’s horror movie White Zombie, afterwards will be a Q&A with the cast and crew, also the Rivergem Grande Ball, part promenade part shindig.  On Sunday is the Heroes of Vandalia Educational Seminar and Brunch to learn about creating your own charity events with local groups.  Some special events will cost an extra $10 event ticket, like the Haunted Parkersburg Tour with Susan Sheppard and Magic and the Hypnosis Show.

They have lined up several Guests of Honor for the weekend: gagetier Thomas Willeford (Lord Archibald “Feathers” Feathersone), entertainer Professor Bubblemaker’s Eclectic Entertainment, sideshow Karnevil (Gypsy, Arson, Snidley, and Lord Maxwell), olde time music from Battle Weary Band, alternative rock band The Dead Frets, bard of many styles Painless Parker, and authors Susan Sheppard (The Gallows Tree, A Mothman’s Tale), Geoffery Foster (Clockwork and Ghosts of West Virginia), and Cindy Lynn Speer (The Chocolatier’s Wife and Once Upon a Curse).

Tickers are on sale now.  Weekend passes allow access to all classes and panels, concerts, Saloon Night, Pass to the Oil and Gas Museum, and Parkersburg Art Center Tour for $50.  Silver Passes get all that plus free pass to the Blennerhassett Museum, Island Belle Sternwheeler on the Ohio River to Blennerhassett Island, free tour of the Maple Shade House on the island for $75.  Gold Passes get that and all access pass to Blennerhassett Island including mansion tour and horse-drawn carriage ride and one special event ticket of your choice for $100.  Day passes are $15 at the door.

Might be a bit steep, but totally looks worth it if you are a steampunk fan.


Labyrinth of Jareth – Valentines Day Masquerade Ball

The Kanawha Players Theater is hosting a Valentines Day Masquerade Ball, hosted by the Goblin King Jareth.  This means it will be February 14, from 6pm to 8pm.

Come dressed a character or creature from the Jim Henson’s Labyrinth or as some other fantasy character.  Simple fancy dress will do as well.  There will be prizes for best male, best female, best couple, and best kid costume.

This will be a family friendly event.  With performances by Professor Phineas T. Bubblemaker, Bubble Magician Extraordinaire.  There will be some refreshments served, all made with bottle water if you were worried. Plus remember this will be a dance.

Tickets are $10 for adults, $17 for couples, $7 for kids under 18, senior citizens, and college students with ID.

If you do not already have plans for Valentine’s Day, check this out for some.

Kanawha Players Theater
309 Beauregard St.
Charleston, WV 25301

image created by Erin Murphy

Metropolis on Giant Screen

The Clay Center’s ElectricSky Theater is presenting a new series of classic sci-fi films on their giant 61 foot domed screen.

The first film to be shown is the legendary silent film Metropolis.  It will be shown at 7pm through 10pm on Friday February 7th and Saturday 8th.  Tickets are only $6.

Experience a classic, groundbreaking film that set the standard for cinema and special effects in science fiction with Metropolis, Fritz Lang’s 1927 futuristic masterpiece. Watch what happens between wealthy industrialists and underground-dwelling workers when the son of the city’s mastermind falls in love with a working class prophet who predicts the coming of a savior to mediate their differences.

Granted you can watch the movie on Netflix or get a DVD from the library, but here is your chance to watch it on a giant screen and really feel it.