We’re Going to Name It VandaliaCon

There is a new Steampunk convention coming to the state, Vandalia-Con.  It will be May 2-4 in Parkersburg at the Blennerhassett Hotel.  The convention is to raise funds to provide for uninsured women with screening, diagnosis, and treatment for breast and cervical cancer.

The con will be having classes, workshops, panels, vendors, and special events all weekend long.

Some events include the Miner’s Lament Saloon on Friday, where you can gamble and bid on items in the Red-Eye Auction.  On Saturday will be a screening of the locally filmed steampunk reimaging of the classic 1930’s horror movie White Zombie, afterwards will be a Q&A with the cast and crew, also the Rivergem Grande Ball, part promenade part shindig.  On Sunday is the Heroes of Vandalia Educational Seminar and Brunch to learn about creating your own charity events with local groups.  Some special events will cost an extra $10 event ticket, like the Haunted Parkersburg Tour with Susan Sheppard and Magic and the Hypnosis Show.

They have lined up several Guests of Honor for the weekend: gagetier Thomas Willeford (Lord Archibald “Feathers” Feathersone), entertainer Professor Bubblemaker’s Eclectic Entertainment, sideshow Karnevil (Gypsy, Arson, Snidley, and Lord Maxwell), olde time music from Battle Weary Band, alternative rock band The Dead Frets, bard of many styles Painless Parker, and authors Susan Sheppard (The Gallows Tree, A Mothman’s Tale), Geoffery Foster (Clockwork and Ghosts of West Virginia), and Cindy Lynn Speer (The Chocolatier’s Wife and Once Upon a Curse).

Tickers are on sale now.  Weekend passes allow access to all classes and panels, concerts, Saloon Night, Pass to the Oil and Gas Museum, and Parkersburg Art Center Tour for $50.  Silver Passes get all that plus free pass to the Blennerhassett Museum, Island Belle Sternwheeler on the Ohio River to Blennerhassett Island, free tour of the Maple Shade House on the island for $75.  Gold Passes get that and all access pass to Blennerhassett Island including mansion tour and horse-drawn carriage ride and one special event ticket of your choice for $100.  Day passes are $15 at the door.

Might be a bit steep, but totally looks worth it if you are a steampunk fan.



One thought on “We’re Going to Name It VandaliaCon

  1. Thank you for spreading the word!
    I am the event organizer for Vandalia-Con- so a few updates: 1. International Steampunk Icons Unwoman and Thomas Willeford will be featured artists for the event. 2. Weekend, Silver and Gold passes will include free passes to the Parkersburg Arts Center, the Smoote Theatre (an authentic Vaudeville theatre) and Tours of some of the Victorian Homes in historic Julia-Ann Square. 3. There is also going to be a live fire perfomance on Saturday night, and the Ghostbusters are coming to hold Kid-Friendly Ghost hunts on Saturday, and of course we have lots of classes, workshops and vendors. 4. On Sunday we will have a parade, free concert, health fair and Women’s screening clinic where Bonnie’s Bus will actually be doing screening mammograms on site!
    4. The price is a bit steep, but 100% of proceeds go directly to patient care for uninsured women in WV for Breast or Cervical Cancer. Every Gold ticket we sell could pay for a mammogram for a woman who needs it. Hopefully we have packed this event with too much fun to want to miss, but for that one woman that your ticket was the reason she got screened in time- your contribution was priceless!
    Shelly Dusic
    Vandalia-Con event organizer and 11 year cancer survivor

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