Parkersburg Premiere and Party for Pro Wrestlers versus Zombies

Pro Wrestlers versus Zombies is an indy film about professional wrestlers fighting zombies.  It was filmed in Parkersburg, using several locals and directed by Cody Knotts.  The big local première is this week, so if you like wrestling and/or zombies you are going to want to get to these events.  The movie is getting a lot of buzz and listed as one of the top zombie films of the year on IMDB.

Things start off on Thursday May 27th at the West Virginia National Guard Armory in Parkersburg.  Rowdy Roddy Piper, WWF legend and star of the film, will be there signing autographs for free.  Admission is also free.  Jeremy Ambler, WV native and zombie on the Walking Dead and the movie, will also be there.  The event goes from 6pm till 9pm.

The big Premiere of the movie is on Friday May 28.  It takes place at the Parkersburg High School auditorium starting at 5pm.  Several of the stars of the film will be there; Roddy Piper, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Matt Hardy, Shane Douglas, and Kurt Angle.  Jeremy Ambler will be at this too.  You will be able to buy a limited edition DVD release of the film, other zombie merch, and play zombie contests for prizes.  Concessions will be sold by Parkersburg HS JROTC.

General Admission tickets for the film is $20.  VIP Tickets are $50 and allow you into a pre-party autograph signing and movie poster.  Super Fan Tickets are $100 and get you a free copy of the movie, t-shirt, and same stuff as VIP.

You can watch the trailer to help decide if you want to go or not.  I saw some clips last summer and the movie does the whole zombie thing as a small group instead of a full apocalypse which I really l like.  Plus lots of action.



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