Blackstone Raid XXIII

The Barony of Blackstone Mountain is hosting Blackstone Raid XXIII from noon on Thursday April 24th through noon on Sunday the 27th at Cedar Lakes Conference Center in Ripley.  It is one of the first big camping events for Æthelmearc and is a big inter-kingdom event.

There are several huge martial events (75-120 fighters) on each day to check out: Heavy Weapons tournament, Torchlight Armored Bear Hunt, “Die of Fate” Novelty Fencing, Armored CTF Tournament, AEthelmearc 5000, 7 Pearls Heavy Weapons Championship, Fencing Melee Tactic Drills, Field Battles, Bridge Battles, Bannered Gate Battles, Fencing Melee Scenarios, Thrown and Archery Ranges.

They will have Arts & Science (A&S) Classes in the Assembly Hall on Saturday; these are Basket Weaving, Belly Dancing, Hand Sewing, and Play in the Paint.  Other Saturday events include Paint-A-Blank and Draw-A-Blank Competition, Dirty Dozen Donation Derby, Baron Bardulf’s Photography Studio, Blackstone Mountain Baronial A&S Championship, and Historian’s Point.  Plus check out the merchants that will be there selling weapons, food, leather work, tea, metal work, garb, and more.

You can preregister by check for adults at $18, $9 for those between 7-17, and $54 for a family of two adults and two minors (all other minors of family are free then).  On site registration is adults $20, 7-17 $10, family cap $60, and children under six free.  Day trip prices are $10/$5.  Non-member surcharge of $5 will added to all other fees.  To pre-reg contact Erzebet Fauconneau.

You can bunk at the dorm beds for $15 each or set up camp for free. There are also hotel rooms available at Cedar Lakes.

I am pretty sure I can make it to this for at least a little while on Friday and I would think it would be fun for anyone else to at least watch as well.  Even if I have no idea what some of those events are.



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