Vandalia Con is Coming Soon

The steampunk convention in Parkersburg, Vandalia-Con, is coming up on May 2nd at the Blennerhasset Hotel and there the have announced some more exciting events and activities for the weekend.

First steampunk musician Unwoman will be appearing.  Everyone who buys a weekend pass, or higher, will get a free pass to the Parkersburg Arts Center, the Smoote Theatre (an authentic Vaudeville theatre), and tours of some of the Victorian homes in historic Julia-Ann Square.  A live fire performance on Saturday night.  The WV Ghostbusters will be holding kid friendly ghosts hunts on Saturday.  There will be three screenings of the White Zombie movie.  Costume Contest on Sunday with many categories  from best steampunk reimagination of a character to best facial fuzzies.  A Mark Twain impersonator will be giving a performance on Saturday morning.  Also the vendors list has added a number of new dealers, mostly steampunk jewelry and crafts.

They have listed a number of panels and workshops: Piracy in the Steampunk Genre, Mystery Airships of 1897, Victorian caligraphy, Vaudeville, Self Defense with Cane and Umbrella, Professor Bubblemaker Kid Science, A Tribute to Houdini, letter writing workshop, air craft workshop, maker’s workshop, and more.  I will be doing a Nerd Music 101 panel on Saturday at 4pm.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to viewOn Sunday there will be a parade starting at 12:30pm from the hotel and going to the Riverpoint Park and once at the park there will be a free concert by Unwoman, Professor Bublemaker’s Medicine show, Battle Weary Band, food vendors, health fair, and women’s screening clinic.  All of this will be free and open to the public.  The event goes from 1p to 4pm.

Well if you make it out come and find me to say hi.  Remember the price might be a bit much but it does all go to charity.



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