Mego Meet 2014

Mego Meet, the collector community of the 1970’s Mego toys get together, will return again at The Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum in Wheeling this June 6th and 7th.  There will also be door prizes for kids and adults, displays, sellers, presentations, an auction, a party suite with food, and the train and toy museum will open during the weekend

Mego Meet is a chance for the Mego toy collector community to get together in person to trade and buy parts and action figures, attend sessions designed to educate and answer questions about the Mego Corporation and the toys they made, but more than anything a chance to connect with friends and fellow collectors live and in person, instead of over the internet.

Things start Thursday night, when people who show up early gather at the Hampton Inn lobby to hang out and chat.  Around 6 or 7pm a group heads out to eat then return to the hotel to open the Mego Suite.

Friday night from 5pm-10pm deal setup, a swap meet, a pizza party and general hang out will be going on.  Informal stuff with good company.  Then everyone heads over to the Mego Suite.

For Saturday the doors open at 8am.  A series of panels will be held from 9am to 5pm on EMCE Toys, vintage vs. repro, and more.  A group dinner will be held at 6:30pm and then back to the Mego Suite once again.  The custom Mego auction is on Saturday as well, helped out by The

Registration is $20.  This includes both the Friday night reception/swap meet and Saturday’s main event.  Spouses and children are included with the pass.

Find out more at the site, the forum, and the Facebook page.

This is something I definitely want to check out one year.  Toy, comic, and sci-fi fans will should all be able to find something interesting to add to their collections.



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