Troma Re-Release and Special Reunion Screening of Daniel Boyd’s “Strangest Dreams: Invasion of the Space Preachers”

There is a special screening of Strange Dreams (Space Preachers) at Park Place Cinemas on Monday June 23rd at 7pm as part of FestivALL in Charleston.  This will also serve as a reunion of cast and crew.  This is a celebration of the new Troma re-release of the movie.  Originally slated to be out already, but there was an error in printing the disc, or something.  Discs may or may not be ready by time for the show.

Strange Dreams (Space Preachers) is a comedy film from 1990 that received national and international recognition. A heartwarming, science-fiction adventure, its “an exciting, bizarre, and extremely funny sci-fi parody, in the tradition of John Waters and Mel Brooks.”  Tickets are $9 for adults and $7 for children and seniors.

Danny Boyd, creator of the movie, will be set-up in the lobby of the theater selling mini-posters, Chiller graphic novels, and his new book CARBON.


Also Friday June 20th, there is another movie screening at the Kanawha Players Theater.  This time the movie is Spider Baby (or The Maddest Story Ever Told) about a man taking care of three demented adults after their father’s death.  This film is Lon Chaney Jr. last film as well.  Plus there will be a film by Sid Haig of Devil’s Rejects fame.

The movie starts at 10pm and it does not say how much but I am going to guess $5 plus a concession stand.


In other movie news, RiffTrax reached their goal of $250,000 on their Kickstarter so will be doing a live riffing of Anaconda on October 30th.




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