Yet Again More Movies To Go See

Some more movies on being showed around to check out.

Carrie Kirk's photo.

The Kanawha Players Theater has another classic movie viewing Friday (July 11) at 10pm.  This time it is Spooks Run Wild with Bella Lugosi and is part of East Side Kids series of films.  In this one the boys are sent to mountain camp, hear about a killer on the loose, and end up at Lugosi’s mansion.  A comedy/horror film for all to enjoy.

Tickets are just $3 and concessions will be sold.


The Orpheum Project presents Trek in the Parking(ing garage) with The Menagerie Pts. 1 and 2.  The one where the pilot episode of the series is shown to the current crew of the Enterprise.

It is this Saturday, July 12th, at 8pm at the parking garage by the Cabell County Public Library.

Water and Cracker Jacks will be provided to all.



The Clay Center’s Sci-Fi Film Series, using the planetarium screen, continues with Brazil and Fahrenheit 451.

Brazil, Terry Gilliam’s Oscar nominee Orwellian future, will be shown at 7pm Friday August 15th and Saturday August 16th.  Fahrenheit 451 is based on the Ray Bradbury novel tells of a firefighter who burns books for living.  It will be shown on Friday October 17th and Saturday October 18th at 7:30pm.

Both films are just $6 each.

For fans of anime, the latest Dragonball Z movie Battle of Gods is getting a limited release in theaters on August 5, 6, 7, and 9.  Some of those are in state.  The movie will be shown at the Morgantown Mall Cinema, Bluefield Cinema, and the Teays Valley Stadium (just five minutes from where I live).  Check your local theater for times and admission costs.

The movie is about a god who comes to Earth looking for a good fight and for Goku it is Tuesday.


Go out and see some fun movies.






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