Classic Plastics Toy & Comics Expo

The American Red Cross and Classic Plastics Toy Store have joined together to present the first Classic Plastics Toy & Comic Expo on Saturday September 13th at the South Parkersburg South Baptist Church in Parkersburg from 10am to 4pm to raise money for the Red Cross Disaster relief fund.

There will be several vendors selling action figures, comic books, table top games, anime and manga, collectables, handmade plushies, Hot Wheels, Star Wars, and more.  The WV Ghostbusters and 501st will be there helping to raise money for charity and for photos.  The webcomic Support Group will be there.

Jim & I Brats will be selling reasonable priced food to help raise money for the Red Cross.

Tickets are just $2 per person and free for kids 10 and under.

It looks like a good show for collectors out there and for a good cause too.






More Screenings Again

Time for more news on special screenings going on across the state.

For those of you who missed the Doctor Who season première yesterday, or just want to see it again, it will be in theaters tomorrow Monday August 25th at 7pm, or 9:30pm in select locations so check with your local one.

This showing will feature not just the twelfth Doctor’s first story, but will also have an exclusive prequel scene and a behind the scenes making of feature.

It is through Fathom so it should be through all the regular theaters you see Rifftrax and other special events through.

Clara is alone in Victorian London with a man she doesn’t know, a dinosaur in the Thames, and a spate of deadly spontaneous combustion. The Doctor has changed. It’s time you knew him.

You can dress up for the event, but they ask that you do not wear anything that covers your face, bring a prop weapon, accessories (including sonic screwdrivers), or anything that conceals what you are carrying.


On Tuesday, the Marshall Campus Activities Board is holding their First Outdoor Cinema event at Buskirk Field  They will be showing, I think, the new Godzilla movie starting at 7pm.  

You will need to bring your own blankets and/or chair to see the movie.  It is free with a Marshall Student ID.


And I have been able to get some info on the Ghostbusters return to theaters for its 30th anniversary.  It looks like it will only be showing in WV in Nitro on August 29th and 30th.  It will play several times throughout the day so plenty of chances to catch it.  The WV Ghostbusters Division will be there as hosts and to raise money for charity so stop by for a chat and some pictures.


Celebration of Batman’s 75th Anniversary in Princeton

Jump Start of Princeton is holding a Celebration of 75 Years of Batman on Saturday August 23 at the Dick Copeland Town Square.  This family friendly event will focus on the history of the popular character in comic books, tv, novels, cartoons, serials, newspaper comic strips, film, and more.

The Dayfly Books and Collectibles will be having a Batman themed art show.  There will be vendors selling Batman related merchandise, like from PixelNation Retro Game Store and Is Half Enuff with action figures.  Bowles BBQ and Sweet Frog will be there selling food.  More vendors are likely to show up as well.  Sweet Frog will have its Frog Pickin’ game at the event.  Sweet Frog is also sponsoring the costume contest.  It will be at 3pm.  The categories are ages 12 and under, ages 13-20, and ages 21 and up.

Dynasty Athletics & All-Star Cheerleading will be doing demonstrations at 7pm.  The school teaches cheerleading, team dance, and gymnastics.  The demo will display teamwork and acrobatic skills that Batman and Robin would find useful. 

The Princeton Public Library will be having their annual “Super Hero Day” at the same time.  They are at the same location.

The library will be showing the 1989 Batman movie celebrating its 25th anniversary and The Dark Knight after dark in the square.  The Princeton Renaissance Projects will be selling concessions during the movies.  You need to bring your own chair though.

Random prizes will be given out during the event but before the movies start. You must be present to win one.  There will be spontaneous ways to win.  Trivia will likely be the most common way but not the only way.

Also if you go to Sweet Frogs store and mention the event you will be 10% off your purchase.  Also Lost Legion Games and Comics will be having a 25% off comic books and trade paper backs.

So if you are in the area and like Batman, or just want to hang out with people, stop on by.

WV Pop Con 2014

WV Pop Con returns for a third year in Morgantown at the Mylan Park Expo Center.  This Saturday August 23rd from 10am to 7pm and Sunday the 24th from 11am to 5pm.  There will be comic creators, artists, video gaming, table top gaming, costuming,

Featured creator guests include the prolific author Peter David of tv, film, books, and comics, Koi Pham of Marvel and Image, Eisner Award Winner Chris Sprouse, multiple Harvey Award winning co-creator/writer of The Mice Templar Bryan J.L. Glass, Douglas Paszkiewicz of Arsenic Lullaby, Chad Cicconi comic and sketch card artist, Ken Haeser, Buz Hasson, and Blair Smith of Living Dead Corpse Comics, and John Russo co-author of Night of the Living Dead.  Various WV based or born creators include Gary Lee Vincent, Shane Moore, Dusty Catlett, Jason Pell, Bubble and Geek Candles & Scents, Insane Stain, Rich Bottles Jr., Green Dragon, Larry Morgan, Garrick Gilmore, Lucien Knights, Josh Floquet, and the Morgantown High School Art Department.

Entertainment guests for the con include Paul Bradford of Ghost Hunters International, RJ Haddy, cosplayers Knightmage,and Costumed Vigilante, the Rebel Legion, 501st Garrison Carida, Amtgard, a Back to the Future DeLorean, WV Tattoo Expo, Morgantown Roller Vixens, WV Ghostubsters, Let Us Nerd, and Vintage Theatre Company.

Vendors at the con will include comic and game shops, comic and book publishers, toy and collectables vendors, video games, Legos, costume shop, swords and weapons, t-shirts, and much more.

Events at the con include costuming workshops, a costume contest on Sunday, board games and game demos, video games, photo booth, Pathfinder Society.  Tournaments include Magic the Gathering, Pokemon DS, X-Wing minis, Pokemon TCG, Warhammer 40k, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Street Fighter, and Halo.

Tickets are $10 or both days for $18 for everyone over six years old.

The con has a lot going on and people to see.  Something to check out for several fandoms.


Power Up: Retro Video Gaming

The tri-state’s first retro video game convention Power Up, as far as anyone seems to know.  It will be on August 2nd from noon till 5pm at the Riverside Suite at the Big Sandy Arena in Huntington.  So yeah, only five hours.  There will not be any guests or panels but there will be game set-ups for you to sit down and play plus tournaments and several vendors.  There will be pinball machines and arcade cabinets all set on free play as well.

The tournaments at the convention will be Street Fighter 2 and Mario Kart Double Dash.  It will be Street Fighter 2 Turbo for the Super Nintendo .  Double Dash will be on multiplayer.  They will be single elimination brackets and prizes for the winners.  You can sign up a head of time to enter them.

There will be various retro video game dealers and repairers, nerdy buttons, pins, glasses, artists, snacks, comics, podcasters, and more.  The Standard Nerds will be holding a raffle to raise money for charity.

While there is no costume contest, feel free to wear your own as several people are already gearing up to bring their’s.

Admission is $5 and $2 to enter a tournament.  Kids 12 and under get in free.  They also have door prizes from Video Game Box Protectors and an XBox 360 Slim with one game.  They will also be selling a limited number of t-shirts.

Will be small and short, but if you like classic gaming this is something to do on a Saturday.  Hopefully with enough support it will be even bigger next time.  Hey if you have some games you want to play you can probably bring them and any systems to set up as well.  Just do not quote me on that.