Celebration of Batman’s 75th Anniversary in Princeton

Jump Start of Princeton is holding a Celebration of 75 Years of Batman on Saturday August 23 at the Dick Copeland Town Square.  This family friendly event will focus on the history of the popular character in comic books, tv, novels, cartoons, serials, newspaper comic strips, film, and more.

The Dayfly Books and Collectibles will be having a Batman themed art show.  There will be vendors selling Batman related merchandise, like from PixelNation Retro Game Store and Is Half Enuff with action figures.  Bowles BBQ and Sweet Frog will be there selling food.  More vendors are likely to show up as well.  Sweet Frog will have its Frog Pickin’ game at the event.  Sweet Frog is also sponsoring the costume contest.  It will be at 3pm.  The categories are ages 12 and under, ages 13-20, and ages 21 and up.

Dynasty Athletics & All-Star Cheerleading will be doing demonstrations at 7pm.  The school teaches cheerleading, team dance, and gymnastics.  The demo will display teamwork and acrobatic skills that Batman and Robin would find useful. 

The Princeton Public Library will be having their annual “Super Hero Day” at the same time.  They are at the same location.

The library will be showing the 1989 Batman movie celebrating its 25th anniversary and The Dark Knight after dark in the square.  The Princeton Renaissance Projects will be selling concessions during the movies.  You need to bring your own chair though.

Random prizes will be given out during the event but before the movies start. You must be present to win one.  There will be spontaneous ways to win.  Trivia will likely be the most common way but not the only way.

Also if you go to Sweet Frogs store and mention the event you will be 10% off your purchase.  Also Lost Legion Games and Comics will be having a 25% off comic books and trade paper backs.

So if you are in the area and like Batman, or just want to hang out with people, stop on by.


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