Mothman Festival 2014

The 13th Annual Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant is Saturday and Sunday September 20th and 21s this year.  It will go from 10am-10pm on Saturday and 11am-5pm Sunday.

There are several things to do and see during the festival.  The Mothman 5k Run will start at 9am on Saturday on Main Street.  The official opening of the festival will be at the grand reopening of the the Mothman Museum at its new location.  The award-winning face painter Jody Riffe will be doing face painting near the Mothman Statue.  DJ Scott, the official Mothman DJ, will be playing music and karaoke all day.

On Saturday there will be the Mothman Movie Night at the State Theater showing the movie White Zombie, a local remake of the 1930’s movie. Several bands will perform over both days.  There are hayride tours of downtown Point Pleasant, bus tours and flyovers of the TNT areas, and tours of the haunted Lowe Hotel, all these have a fee.

You can go look at the Silver Bridge Memorial, Tu-Endie-Wei State Park, and the National Guard Rock Wall all for free.  Things for a few dollars is the Point Pleasant River Muesum, the dinner from the Mothman Prophesies the Harris Steak House, Hillbilly Ziplining, vendors, and pick up some Mothman pancakes.

The guest speakers for this year are Patrecia Gray (paranormal writer), Chad Lambert (comic creator), Neal Parks (paranormal author), Rosemary Guiley (paranormal investigator), Susan Sheppard (executive producer), Craig Woolheater & Nick Redfern (Ufologists), Fred Saluga (cryptozoologist), Sherrie Brake (author), Stan Gordon (Bigfoot researcher), Robin Bellamy (paranormal researcher), Andy Colvin (Mothman photographer), Brian Seech (researcher), Chris McDaniel (investigator), Dale Morton (Mothman costume designer), Joedy Cook (cryptozoologist), and others.  They will be giving lectures on different subjects and a special roundtable discussion on Sunday.

The Miss Mothman Pageant will be both Friday and Saturday.  The Teen, Miss, Ms, and Mrs categories will on Friday night and the children’s pageant on Saturday.  Registration is still open.

For the first time, the festival will have a Friday kick-start event at the Historic State Theater on Main Street.  The will be showing the Mothman Prophecies for free.

This is something for everyone who likes paranormal topics, history, and fairs to come check out.   Come out meet people, see things, learn, have fun, avoid the Men in Black, and buy some souvenirs.


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