Two Comic Projects on Kickstarter

Two different comic projects are up on Kickstarter now that you should check out and support.

The first one is Zombie Highway, a tale of the zombie apocalypse in West Virginia that Jason Pell, Roberto Viacava (Adventures in Superman) and Eduardo Bazan created over a decade ago (before Walking Dead and other zombie stories).

They are holding a Kickstart to produce a full hard cover 200 page collection of the series, most of which is out of print and hard to find, plus new material.  There will be new coloring of formerly black and white pages and touched up art.

The story is about four men who steal a mysterious package for a client.  Then zombies start to appear.  Now they must work to stay alive from both zombies and people as they try to the package to their client so they can get paid.

Contributing can get you Zombie Highway postcards, pdfs, physical books, t-shirts, copies of Jason’s other books Season’s End and Suicide 5, original cover art, and a chance at being a zombie in the book.  The first 250 backers (only at 96 backers of this writing) who pledge $25 or more will also get a limited print for their help.

The project has another four days and a little of $2,000 to meet their $10,000.


Next is Imposter a 100 page graphic novel broken into four self-contained parts each in a different genre; written by James Patrick (Green Arrow, Batman), drawn by Martin Szymanksi, coves by Victor Santos (Mice Templar, Furious), and published by 21 Pulp.

Imposter is the story of how the four greatest superheroes are all really just one man. Four different heroes for any kind of threat.  Now he is trying to train a replacement to take over his deception, who happens to have his own plans.

Pledge levels include ones for the book, pdfs, trading cards, t-shirt, posters, prints, sketches, get drawn into the book, plaques, mugs, pens, and more.  Backers will receive each part of the series they complete it.

They have twenty-three days to raise $5,000.  They are already on their way to $2,000.




This year is the 5th Anniversary of Hack3rcon organized by 304Geeks and Hackers for Charity on Friday November 14th to Sunday November 16th at the Charleston Civic Center.  A weekend of computers, security, and hanging out.

Registration opens at 8:30am on each day.  There will be a workshop area, a Network King of the Hill contest, dinners at Black Sheep Burrito and Brews, after parties on Friday and Saturday with music acts and bikini contest at the Blue Parrot, instructor led workshops, and talks led by guests speakers about of security, programming, computers, and more.

Speakers for this year include: Brian Martin, Bill Gardner, Lee Baird, Aedan Somerville, Shawn Jordan, Justin Rogosky, Tom Moore, Saurabh Harit, Jon Schipp, Adrian Krenshaw, Mark Maxey, Luis Santana, Tim Fowler, Ronin, Josh Perrymon, Stephen Hilt, Ronnie Fabela, David Kennedy and more.

Registration is $100 for the weekend.  A portion of the proceeds will go to charity.

Professionals and enthusiasts should see about going out to this event for learning and networking (ha ha).

304 Geeks is group for people in the Charleston WV area who are interested in computers. The goal of the group is to bring together computer professional from various backgrounds to network and share knowledge.

Hackers For Charity is a non-profit organization that leverages the skills of technologists. We solve technology challenges for various non-profits and provide food, equipment, job training and computer education to the world’s poorest citizens.


Sicilian’s Revenge

The Shire of Port Oasis, of the Kingdom of AEthelearc of the Society of Creative Anachronism, is holding Sicilian’s Revenge on November 14th through the 16th at Camp Mad Anthony Wayne in Huntington.   The site opens on Friday at 4pm and closes Sunday at 10am.

Sicilians Revenge banner

Sign up for Heavy Weapons, Archery, and Fencing on Saturday from 10am to 11am.  They are holding a Shakespearean Dinner Tournament, you will engage in combat while tied to your seats to determine who pays for dinner.  For fencing there will be Daggers at Dawn (quick draw element), Cloak and Dagger, Stilettos at Sunset (by lanterns), and informal duels.

The Arts & Science Display and Competition categories are Decorative, Useful, Wearable and Tasty.  Voting will be done by populous vote.  You can also display without being part of the judging.

There will a light breakfast, lunch, and Italian pasta fest for dinner served on Saturday morning.  Merchants will also be selling custom-made brick over pizzas throughout the day.  The feast will be at 6pm on Saturday.  The fest is limited to 60 people.

There is a lodge with 28 bunks which are available as first come, first served basis.  There is space for tent camping and four primitive cabins on site, electricity but no heat.  Contact Mistress Anne Greye about getting a cabin.  Several hotels are in the area as well.

Site fees are $10 for adults, $4 for children between 6 to 17, and free for children 5 and under.  Non-members will be charged a $5 surcharge.  Feast fees are $7.50 for adults, $4 for children 6 and over, and free for children 5 and under.  Your reservation clerk is Carrie Uihlein Nilles.

The Autocrats for the event are Mistress Anne Greye and Lady Luca di Cola.


They are also having a Potluck on Sunday November 9th from 4:30pm to 6:30pm at the Huntington WV Radio Museum.  The are having fencing practice and A&S activities before hand to check out as well.





2014 WVGOG Fall LAN #1

The West Virginia Gatherings of Gamers are holding their Fall LAN this weekend, Thursday November 6th through Sunday November 9th at the home of one of their members in Nitro.


They are currently working on an official tournament list.  They will have real-time strategy games, first person shooters, fighting games, racing and more.  Expected games they are wanting to play are: Counter Strike, Starcraft 2, TrackMania, Dota 2, Call of Duty, Battlefield, HearthStone, and League of Legends.  Smaller for fun tournaments can also be set up between players.

Blizzcon is going at this weekend, so no organized tournaments of Warcraft 3 but some games for fun will be played.  They will also be showing a feed from Blizzcon on multiple projectors and TVs for all to see.

Registration is up now to get a head count for tables and chairs plus to determine brackets for games.  Sign up if you want to come and set up, but spectators do not need to.  Cutoff for sign ups is Wednesday at 5pm.  There will be a cover charge of $5-$10.  Also any extra donations to help cover the electricity and other costs of the event will be taken and appreciated.  They also take donations of snacks and drinks to share with everyone at the event.

Computer gamers and enthusiasts are going to want to try to make a stop at the event for playing and hanging out with fellow players.

The West Virginia Gathering of Gamers consists of dedicated gamers who host LAN events throughout the year. During these events, tournaments and contests are sometimes held, but the main purpose is to have a great time.  It is through this mutual enthusiasm for competitive gaming that drives us to host a gathering of gamers. Join them in making a regular day into an awesome one.