2014 WVGOG Fall LAN #1

The West Virginia Gatherings of Gamers are holding their Fall LAN this weekend, Thursday November 6th through Sunday November 9th at the home of one of their members in Nitro.


They are currently working on an official tournament list.  They will have real-time strategy games, first person shooters, fighting games, racing and more.  Expected games they are wanting to play are: Counter Strike, Starcraft 2, TrackMania, Dota 2, Call of Duty, Battlefield, HearthStone, and League of Legends.  Smaller for fun tournaments can also be set up between players.

Blizzcon is going at this weekend, so no organized tournaments of Warcraft 3 but some games for fun will be played.  They will also be showing a feed from Blizzcon on multiple projectors and TVs for all to see.

Registration is up now to get a head count for tables and chairs plus to determine brackets for games.  Sign up if you want to come and set up, but spectators do not need to.  Cutoff for sign ups is Wednesday at 5pm.  There will be a cover charge of $5-$10.  Also any extra donations to help cover the electricity and other costs of the event will be taken and appreciated.  They also take donations of snacks and drinks to share with everyone at the event.

Computer gamers and enthusiasts are going to want to try to make a stop at the event for playing and hanging out with fellow players.

The West Virginia Gathering of Gamers consists of dedicated gamers who host LAN events throughout the year. During these events, tournaments and contests are sometimes held, but the main purpose is to have a great time.  It is through this mutual enthusiasm for competitive gaming that drives us to host a gathering of gamers. Join them in making a regular day into an awesome one.


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