1d4Con Rolls for Initiative

1d4Con was started by the 1d4cast in 2014 in Northern Virginia.  For their second year they needed more space and find it by moving the con into WV.  1d4Con from Friday April 17th to Sunday April 19th at the Comfort Inn Aikens Center in Martinsburg.  Registration starts at noon, Opening Ceremonies at 1pm, and games start at 2pm .

Scheduled RPGs include 13th Age, Advanced D&D, Call of Cthulhu, Double Cross, Dragon Age, Dread, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Fate, Feng Shui, GURPS, Whispering Road, Savage Worlds, Star Wars SAGA, Shadowrun, Marvel Heroic RPG, and Doctor Who RPG.  Other games include V:TM and W:TA LARPs; Buffy the Vampire Slayer board game, D&D Attack Wing, Heroclix, Star Wars Attack Wing, Bolt Action wargame, and tournaments for Steve Jackson’s Frag and Munchkin.  They will also have a game library with games to check out.

The con is running a Charity Drive called Games of Charity.  It works by buying tickets that give special boons to certain games you can play over the weekend (re-rolls, bonuses to rolls).  All proceeds will be given to The Red Wagon Ministry, a charity that helps low-income families with infant needs.  There will also be a charity raffle Saturday night.  Games of Charity tickets are $1 and the raffle tickets are $2.

Groups running games are Pathfinder Society, D&D Adventurers League, Greyhawk Reborn, Men in Black, and Martinsburg by Night,

Musician and podcaster Jonah Knight will be giving musical performances on each day.  Jonah performs paranormal folk, supernatural steampunk, and creepy Christmas songs.  The ghost hunting team Ghosts in SIGHT will be present for Q&A and autographs.  Blackstone Entertainment are premiering their newest RPG Mystos at the con.

Several vendors will be at the con selling games, books, gaming accessories, handmade items, and more.

Pre-registration is $30 for a weekend pass, $25 for a two pass, $15 for Saturday, and $10 for Friday or Sunday.  Pre-reg closes April 8th.  At door prices are $35 for weekend.


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