Press Release: Hack3rCon has retired. The 304Geeks have a new conference to share!

Do not be sad. Although the name Hack3rcon will be no more, the spirit of the conference will live on through SecureWV.  The 304Geeks latest conference creation.

Hack3rcon started after a group a local hacker types decided to try and bring much needed awareness to the folks that live and protect right here in WV. I put together a series of Hack3rcon alien videos for fun that went a little viral on the security socialwebz. Do in part to Vivek Ramachandran (now of picking them up with his early version of the SecurityTube engine and then sharing and blogging about our efforts. That and our all-star speaker lineup that year… Check out that lineup:
Hack3rCon Welcome Message
Hack3rcon was a fun project and we made many new friends along the way. Friends that returned each year for more of what Hack3rcon had to offer.
Will Hack3rcon ever return? It’s possible. So, stay tuned.
The 304Geeks are evolving. New leadership, new blood, new ideas and now a new security conference. The new leadership has some fun and ambitious ideas for creating a new conference that will cater to both the same community that made Hack3rcon possible and our own infrastructure and resources right here in WV.

Check out CPF is open!
Hope to see you there!



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