Levantera: Tale of The Winds

Lasso Games, a game design firm from Huntington, is running a Kickstarter to help fund their latest project Levantera, an 8-bit action/RPG inspired by games on the NES.  They are looking for $25,000, but as of this writing only have $5,616 with only 13 days to go.

You play a ship’s captain in his quest to rescue his lost crew over several islands and various adventures in a non-linear fashion.  Explore each landmass fully with its own visual style.  Rebuild and enhance your ship.  Fight and plunder other ships.  Learn magic and new fighting skills.  Enjoy a chiptune style soundtrack.  They have a demo to download if you want to give it a try.

By pledging you can get your name in the credits, a digital copy of the game, a copy of the soundtrack, print of the cover art,your likeness in the game, exclusive access to the development forms and monthly builds, physical NES-style box of the game, printed instruction booklet,design an enemy for the games, design an island in the game, and more.

Their stretch goals at different levels are for them to add an OSX/Linux version, add two more continents, create an XBox One version, a PS4 version, and release the game in 2016 instead of 2017.

Lasso Games, LLC was founded in February 2015 in Huntington, WV.   On July 17, 2015, Lasso competed in a 48-hour game jam competition called gm(48). The goal was to make a complete game start to finish in GameMaker:Studio. They won! Their entry: Highway Rampage is available for download.

Their team is composed of 8 members, each specializing in areas of game design, code composition, art/music, and web development. Their goal is to create fun and accessible games that are easy to understand, challenging, have depth of content, and are rich in expression.

Fans of old school games should give this project a look over and help out a dedicated WV based company.


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