Pathfinder Society Anniversary Extravaganza

The West Virginia Pathfinder Society‘s 4th Anniversary is on February 6th.  To celebrate they are having a whole day of gaming at the Running Right Leadership Academy in Julian down Route 119. Site opens at 9am and gaming starts at 10am.

There will be long form content (mult-part scenarios and adventure path segments) run through out the day.  These are kind of things they do not get to do at regular game days.  There will be seven tables of adventures going for both the experience and new player.  There are six events up for registration right now, some games are close to filling up.  There is still room if anyone wants to run their own game.  There is plenty of room, two screens for displaying maps and images, laptops that can connect to them, cables if you bring your own laptop, and a printer and copier to use.

Prizes will be given away at around 5pm.  They are excepting donations for of unused convention boons or anything you think someone would like.

Bring food, snacks, and drinks to share or a some money to purchase some pizza.  There will be access to a kitchen area as well.

Admission and games are all free, but donations to cover the rental space are accepted.  You can also stay around at the end to help clean up too.  Regular gaming at Lost Legion Rifleman will happen on Sunday.

So if you like Pathfinder, RPGs in general, or want to try them out clear your Saturday for this.

The West Virginia Pathfinder Society is a group that comes together to play the Pathfinder RPG published by Paizo Publishing, LLC. We participate in the Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign.  The primary function of this website is to facilitate organizing events related to that campaign.



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