TechLAN Spring 2016

WVU Institute of Technology maybe moving next year but some students are continuing with a tradition.  The Association for Computing Machinery is hosting TechLAN Spring 2016 this Friday March 5th and Saturday the 6th at the Tech Center Ballroom in Montogmery from 6pm-midnight on Friday and 9am-2am on Saturday.

Formal tournaments will include Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Drive Kick (with controllers), and Hearthstone on PCs plus Super Smash Brothers, Mario Kart 8, and Super Mario Maker on Wii U.  Players are encouraged to join in any game throughout the days to have fun and meet new people.

They will be playing some trading card games on Friday as well.  Food and drink  will be available to all paying guests on Saturday.  Prizes will be given out at 8:30pm on Saturday.  There will be plenty of prizes to be given out so you might just win something for showing up.

Prices for the event are $2 for Friday, $15 for Saturday, and $40 for Platinum.  The limited platinum admission is for both days, entire table to yourself, and use of a dual monitor setup or one screen 28 inches or larger.  Order your tickets early.  All proceeds from ticket sales will go to St. Judes Children’s Hospital.  TechLAN t-shirts in three different colors starting at $20 will be available for order.

Anyone into gaming and computers is going to want to check out this event and keep an eye out for any and all future ones.



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