Free Comic Book Day 2019

Once again Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) is upon us.  It will be this Saturday May 4th in comic shops all over the world.  I think.  I know at least in the US. A day to get some free comics, meet fellow fans, and check out local comic shops.

This year there are there 51 comics being offered, from various companies, various genres, and for various audiences.  The big two each have two comics they are offering. For Marvel they have an Avengers one and a Spider-Man one, DC has a mature one featuring Catwoman and one for the kids called Dear Justice League.  Other big companies have their offerings, pick up a comic from Valiant, Dark Horse (Stranger Things), Image (Deadly Class), or Boom Studios (Lumberjanes).  There are plenty of other comics from well know properties like Doctor Who, Disney Descendants, Pokemon, Riverdale, TMNT, Whedonverse, Bob’s Burgers, Captain Canuck, Casper, Cristiano Ronaldo Striker Force 7, Mechanika, Little Lulu, Minecraft, Incredibles 2, Robotech, Spawn, Star Wars, The Tick, and Vampirella.  Then there are comics from lesser know series to find.

Personally I am in for the samples for the manga.  This year’s selection includes comics about Kino’s Journey, Kodansha all ages sampler, My Hero Academia & Promised Neverland, and Street Fighter.

Get something you know and maybe something you don’t

Quick list of shops I have found that are participating this year are: Multiverse Comics in Parkersburg, Lost Legion Comics & Games The Vault in Vienna, Comic Paradise Plus in Morgantown and Fairmont, Four Horseman Comics and Gaming in Morgantown and Bridgeport, Jade Tiger Comics in Oak Hill, Lost Legion Comics & Games The Rifleman in South Charleston, and Comic World, Purple Earth Comics, and the Inner Geek all in Huntington.  Others maybe part of the event, so check with your local shop. Each might also be running special deals to take advantage of.

This is a day for everyone to get out and get some comics.

Oh and the 1989 Batman movie will be back in select theaters that day.


1d4Con 2019

The 7th year of the tabletop gaming convention 1d4Con is this Friday May 3rd at noon to Sunday May 5th at 4pm at the Clarion Hotel & Conference Center in Shepherdstown.  The convention was an idea that James, of the 1d4cast Podcast, when he realized how little the presence of gaming conventions were in the topmost Northern Virginia and West Virginia Panhandle parts of the Shenandoah Valley area.

The con has a series of block-scheduling system for games, with six gaming blocks set for the weekend for various planned sessions of traditional and indie board games, miniatures, and RPGs.  Plus board game demos on demand, a board game library, play to win games, Magic: The Gathering tournaments on Friday and Saturday, Munchkin Madness tournament, D&D Adventure League, World of Darkness LARPs, minis paint & take, Pathfinder/Starfinder Society, Rogue Cthulhu,

Every year the con runs a charity drive called Game for Charity, this year’s charity is Extra Life of the WVU Children’s Miracle Hospital of Morgantown.  One part of this is being able to purchase tickets ($2) to get special boons (such as re-rolls or bonuses to dice rolls) in certain games during the con.  Special charity-dedicate game with an extra cost will be available to join.  There is also a Charity Raffle, $3 a ticket, with various lots, drawing will be on Saturday night.

Vendors this year include Aroc Gaming, Cardboard Gaming, Dad’s Armies, Fey Chien’s Gently Used Goods, Game Table Adventures, Rantings of a Wandering Mind, TNT Laser Works, Your Hobby Place, and other gaming stores and companies.

Badges at the door are $40 for adult three-day pass, $20 for those 11 to 17, and free for kids ten or younger with accompanying adult.  Two day and one day passes will be available too.

A nice old school gaming con dedication to gaming with lots of various things to do.

28th Blackstone Raid

28th Blackstone Raid starting 5pm Thursday April 25th till 10am Sunday 28th at the Camp Sheppard 4-H Camp, 10 miles from Spencer.  This is a Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) event managed by the Barony of Blackstone Mountain.

The western fields and their fair plains of black stones have played out. The armies of the society now retreat to the interior of Aethelmearc. New mines must be made to fuel the forges of war. The raids. the raids never change; just the field and its fighters. Now the armies who battle over the resources will have new ground to make their mettle, make their merry, and find their steel after a bitter winter slumber.

Scheduled events include archery range and challenges, mêlée open fighting and tournaments with rapiers and heavy weapons, castle siege with archery and other, and court.  There will also be merchants set-up and an Arts & Science Display and Competition with awards including a Populous Choice one.  Also plenty of socializing and parting at night while you camp out.

Registration at the site is $20 for SCA members, $25 for non-members, $5 for children 7-17, and free for kids younger than that.  Any bunk space they may have is $15.

A great chance to check out the SCA at their best.  A bit like a renaissance fair with more hitting of people.


Record Store Day 2019

Record Store Day is Saturday April 13th all across the state and country.  On this day, music companies release special vinyl albums.  From old re-releases to exclusive new albums just for the day of limited quantities.  The point is to bring recognition to independent record stores.

There will be soundtracks to movies and shows like Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, J.J. Abram’s Star Trek movie, Transformers movies (the first one, Revenge of the Fallen, and Dark of the Moon), Twin Peaks Season Two, Monty Pyton’s Life of Brian, original 80’s Knight Rider, The Crow, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, and I Know What You Did Last Summer.

For Doctor Who you can get two audio dramas of Destiny of the Daleks with Tom Baker and Galaxy 4 with William Hartnell (three of the Galaxy 4 TV episodes are missing).  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Power is from their Coming Out of Their Shells tour in 1990, comes with two removable patches. An album by Osaka Popstar and Barnes & Barnes celebrating the 40th anniversary of the most request song from Dr. Demento “Fish Heads”.  Mickey Mouse Disco with Disney-fied versions of disco classics.  Multiplication Rock from School House Rock.

There acts with albums out are: Alice Cooper, Gorillaz, Devo, Pinkfong (Baby Shark), Weezer, and so much more.

Stores participating in the day in WV are listed in the table.

Check their websites for any activities they have planned, like in store band performances.

Record Store Day is a great chance to pick up some really cool memorabilia even if you don’t own a record player anymore.  Though do beware we are talking like $40-$50 per album here, but you don’t have to buy them just Saturday your store may have them around the store for time to come.

Old School Convention and AFSP Charity Game Day

Old School Convention this Saturday April 6th at the Pleasants County Middle School in Belmont starting from 10am to 5pm.  All proceeds from the con got to PCMS and other Pleasants County schools.

Vendors include stores like Multiverse Comics, C & K Comics, the N’Oasis, Classic Plastic Toy Store, Third Floor Comics, plus individual sellers selling new and vintage toys like Transformers, Funko Pops, action figures, horror items, video games, and art from JR Earls.

I have not seen anything about events at the event except a raffle.  There could a cosplay contest, panels, and gaming, but does not look like it.

A small a toy and collectibles show that if you are local and are not saving up to a bigger should might want to check out.


The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is having a Charity Game Day at the Four Horsemen Comics and Gaming store in Bridgeport Saturday April 6th from noon to 9pm.

There will RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, Savage Worlds, TORG, and more.  Several Magic: The Gathering tournaments, a Pokémon TCG tournament, and various board games to play all day.  Plus there will be raffle with plenty of prizes to win, drawing at around 8:30pm.

Seems like a fun day of gaming and helping out a great organization.

First HerdCon

The first HerdCon is this Saturday March 16th from 9am-8pm on the Marshall University Campus in Huntington.

Panels for the con include panels from college professors (Pop Culture in the Classroom, Star Wars and Personality, Psychology of Social Exclusion) and regular fan panels (Cosplay Modeling 101, LGBT History and Representation in Video Games, Socializing in Online Gaming).  There will also be Quick Draw with JR Earls, belly dancing workshop and performance from Final Form Fusion, a cosplay contest hosted by Kiss A Frog Cosplay and Brittany Whitt, mobile escape room from Lost Escape Room, ARTEMIS: Starship Bridge Simulator, Outer Rim Praxeum Light Saber School demo, relaxation lounge, live podcasts, create your own video game workshops, screenings, slime fun station from the Ghostbusters, and more to enjoy.

Table-top gaming during the day include various RPG sessions (D&D 5E, Mystic Forces by Noble Quests, different Cthulhu games, Cypher System, Starfinder, and others) games of Werewolf by Critically Absurd, and various games from Goblin Traders (Dragon Ball Super TCG, Flames of War miniatures, Keyforge TCG, historic tabletop wargaming, Transformers TCG, Warhammer 40k), Magic: The Gathering tournaments hosted by Hometown Hobbies, game demos from Family Game Night, and game libraries from Charcon and Hunting Unplugged Gaming Society.

On the video game side of things you have a Smash Brothers tournament, various retro games, and Fallout 76 set-up.

Vendors and artists lined-up include 2nd Chance Games, Anime Palace, Ben Durfee, Burrito Princess, Frech Studios, Jason Pell, Joshua Smith, Mermaid Lagoon Boutique, Off the Hook, Two Tinkers, Third Floor Comics, Travis Tomblin, Tri-State Toys, and more.

Exhibitors include Black Mountain Guard of the Mandalorian Mercs, Cabell county Public Library, Causeplayers, Fantastic Floor Nerdcast, Knerds of the Roundtable, various Marshall clubs and departments (Comic Book Club, Japan Club, Roleplaying Club, Hackers for Charity, Game Development Guild), Rebel Legion/501st Legion, and various local conventions.

Admission is free to MU students, faculty, staff, and for anyone 18 or younger.  VIP tickets are $25 which comes with early access, a t-shirt, custom HerdCon die, and other swag.  General admission is $5.

The Haymond House Psychic and Metaphysical Fair

The First Haymond House Psychic and Metaphysical Fair on Saturday March 9th from 12pm-6pm at the William Edgar Haymond House Haunted in Sutton.  Co-Hosted by WV Seekers of Spirits.  The Haymond house is 125 years old.

There will be tarot readers, a late-night ghost hunt in the house from 10pm-2am, history talks, psychic readings, guided tours of the house, demonstrations, presentations, vendors, and more.

Those who will be available to readings and meeting include Reiki Master and herbalist Sherry L Ratliff, ghost investigator and author Jannette Quackenbush, psychic medium Chris Delaney, Master Psychic Aeson Knight, and S.P.O.O.K.E. Paranormal Society. 

Vendors include wand maker Tina Works Magic, pagan shop Curiouz Spirit, Feather and Bone Metaphysical Shop, and jewelry maker Vona’s Sparklin Ice.

The event has a $10 entry fee.  The late night ghost hunt is $35.  For $75 you can get VIP Gold Ticket, which gets you into the fair with no waiting, lunch, dinner, in-depth tarot reading from two masters, and into the public ghost hunt.  They will also have t-shirts for sell.

If you are into psychic phenomena or curious about, I would try to make a trip out to this fair.