YWCA Mini-Con

The YWCA in Wheeling is holding their first Mini-Con this Saturday May 27th from noon to 5pm.  The event will be on the 2nd floor.

Their big celebrity guest is Rob Garrison, a Wheeling native.  He was in The Karate Kid and Karate Kid Part II as Cobra Kai member Tommy.  Know for screaming “Get him a body bag! Yeah!” at the final tournament in the first movie.

The people of Clutch Gaming, Children’s Museum of the Ohio Valley, New Dimension’s Comics, We Are Roleplayers (W.A.R.), Pat Daugherty (Ohio Valley Batman), The Outer Rim Praxeum Lightsaber School, Fantasies Unraveled, and Kelci Crawford are all helping out with the event.

There will be an open discussion on “Women & Minorities in Comics” led by Dr. Jeremy Larance the Chair of the Department of Humanities and Associate Professor of English, Dr. Wally Hastings Associate Professor of English and Dr. Dominique Hoche Associate Professor of English.  WAR will be running a demonstration on live action role-playing at 1pm and 2pm.  They will have Kid’s Costume Contest for those 12 or younger at 4pm.

Admission is just a suggested donation, but come on give them a few bucks.

Of all the really small nerdy events I have seen people try to run, this looks like one of the most promising.

Located in the heart of downtown Wheeling at 1100 Chapline Street, the YWCA serves the community through its Family Violence Prevention, Cultural Diversity & Community Outreach, Women’s Boutique, Women Inspired In New Directions (W.I.N.D.) and Women’s Residence & Homeless Shelter


Tsubasacon 2015

Tsubasacon is a three-day anime, cosplay, and gaming con at the Big Sandy Area and Riverfront Conference Center in Huntington on Friday October 8th to Sunday October 10th.

Voice actor guests for this year are  Kyle Hebert (DBZ, Bleach, Naruto), Keith Silverstein (Gundam Unicorn, Monster, Sailor Moon), and Matthew Erickson (Crest/Banner of the Stars, Zoids, Gundam SEED Destiny).  Other guests are Japanese rock band Kazha, anime anthropologist Charles Dunbar, Carolina Manga Library, panelist group Vitamin H Productions, Japanese arcade machine owners Tokyo Attack,  boffer fighters Sleeping Samurai, and game show host Greggo.

Events at the con include their usual activities plus some new ones.  The cosplay masquerade will be on Saturday.  There will also be an In-Character Contest on Friday and Cosplay Lip Sync contest on Saturday (18+ version on Friday night).  Panels from guests and attendees, Greggo’s game shows, two viewing rooms, autographs, concerts, formal ball on Friday and dance party on Saturday, martial arts demo, artist alley and vendor room to check out, manga library, photo shoots, AMV contest and more.

Video Gaming this year will be run by Rare Drops.  They will hold tournaments throughout the weekend on J Stars Victory, Mortal Kombat X, SSFighter 4 Ultra, Smash Bros Melee and 4, Injustice, Mario Kart Double Dash and 8, Naruto 2, Halo 2, Call of Duty, and Project M.  They will also have high score challenges on Donkey Kong, Super Mario Maker, and Tetris over the weekend.  You can pre-reg for the tournaments now.  Tokyo Attack will have 13 different arcade cabinets for free play and will be holding a DDR tournament on Saturday.  There is also the Tsu Region Pokémon League to play in.

Tsubasacon is holding a whole new table top gaming area as well.  The Huntington Unplugged Gaming Society will have a library of board games to check out.  Dungeon Dwellers will be teaching and holding tournaments on Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh.  RPGs from Pathfinder Society and Sparks, Warmachine and Hordes demo, and open gaming area.

Pre-reg goes until October 8th and is $45 for the weekend.  At door prices are $45 for weekend, $30 for Friday, $40 for Saturday and Sunday, $20 for Sunday, and free for kids under 7.  On Saturday they will also have a $25 Gaming Badge that will let you into the gaming area, but only that.  The con is also collecting goods for the Ronald McDonald House.

Fans of anime, cosplay, gaming, and Japanese media, this is your event.

12th Night

The Barony of Blackstone Mountain is holding their end of the holding celebration, 12th Night, on January 17th at the Tyler Mountain Volunteer Fire Station Community Hall in Cross Lanes.

The Watery Tars Cooking Guild be cooking the feast, though all are invited to bring a dish to share for luncheon and snacking.  They will have a Dessert Contest with Baron’s and Baroness’ Choice and Populace Choice.  The feast has been capped at 25 people.

For activities they have games of chance from dice throwing to draughts and hnefatafl (what ever those are).  Everyone will be given tokens for betting during the day.  The adult and child with most tokens at the end will win a prize.

The site cost is $7 for adults, $5 for those sixteen and under, and babes get in free.  Pre-registration for the feast is $10 for adult and $8 for sixteen and under.  At door it will be $12 and $10.  The site opens at 9am and closes at 9pm.  Event Stewart is Lady Kathryn MacLuing.


The Shire of Port Oasis is having their own 12th night event on Sunday January 11th at 4:30pm at the Museum of Radio and Technology in Huntington.

They will have meat provided by the shire and prepared by Andrea Morris.  Games along with Arts & Science will provided for entertainment.  Fellowship with SCA members will be enjoyed too.

Great way to get introduced to the SCA and eat some good food.

Siege of Glengary XIX

Shire of Sylvan Glen of the Society for Creative Anachronism, is hosting Siege of Glengary XIX on Friday September 26 at 4pm through Sunday September 28 at noon at the Jefferson County WV Fairgrounds in Kearneysville in the eastern panhandle.

Our adversaries to the south and to the north have become restless and threaten to invade our borders on a quest for the coveted Sylver Apple Bucket. We must amass our brave soldiers of sword and shield, our masters of dagger, draw and parry, our loosers of arrow, our throwers of ax as well as our wielders of pen, brush and needle to lay waste to this trespass into our fair kingdom.

This year they are adding a Queens Rapier Championship to be held on Saturday September 27.  Other events will include a Siege Points Competition for the Sylver Apple in various armed and gentle arts; heavy, rapier, thrown, archery, atl atl, and A&S.  It will also be home to the InterKindgom Equestrian Worshop.  Other activities separate and part of the Siege Points are a Torchlight Tandem Tourney on Friday night, four bridge battles, four field battles, pick up fighting, fencing scenarios, novelty shoot, GLENO (like bingo but with arrow), Glow Throw tournament, a novelty throw, arts & science competition, siege engines, and more.

The Traveler’s Repast will be on Friday evening for $12.  Breakfast and Saturday Dayboard are included with site fee.

Site fees for adults for the whole weekend are $14.  An additional $5 fee for non-members.  This is a camping event with no additional fee for camping.  Everyone will need to sign an Equestrian Waiver since there will be horses around.  No fee for those 17 and under.

The Autocrat for the event is Laurentia of Caledonia. Any general questions can be directed to her.

The Shire of Sylvan Glen is a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA.org) located in the panhandle of West Virginia. The SCA is a group of people who are interested in researching and recreating aspects of pre-17th century Europe. Things such as various arts and crafts, activities and even simulating the martial combat of the period.

Blackstone Raid XXIII

The Barony of Blackstone Mountain is hosting Blackstone Raid XXIII from noon on Thursday April 24th through noon on Sunday the 27th at Cedar Lakes Conference Center in Ripley.  It is one of the first big camping events for Æthelmearc and is a big inter-kingdom event.

There are several huge martial events (75-120 fighters) on each day to check out: Heavy Weapons tournament, Torchlight Armored Bear Hunt, “Die of Fate” Novelty Fencing, Armored CTF Tournament, AEthelmearc 5000, 7 Pearls Heavy Weapons Championship, Fencing Melee Tactic Drills, Field Battles, Bridge Battles, Bannered Gate Battles, Fencing Melee Scenarios, Thrown and Archery Ranges.

They will have Arts & Science (A&S) Classes in the Assembly Hall on Saturday; these are Basket Weaving, Belly Dancing, Hand Sewing, and Play in the Paint.  Other Saturday events include Paint-A-Blank and Draw-A-Blank Competition, Dirty Dozen Donation Derby, Baron Bardulf’s Photography Studio, Blackstone Mountain Baronial A&S Championship, and Historian’s Point.  Plus check out the merchants that will be there selling weapons, food, leather work, tea, metal work, garb, and more.

You can preregister by check for adults at $18, $9 for those between 7-17, and $54 for a family of two adults and two minors (all other minors of family are free then).  On site registration is adults $20, 7-17 $10, family cap $60, and children under six free.  Day trip prices are $10/$5.  Non-member surcharge of $5 will added to all other fees.  To pre-reg contact Erzebet Fauconneau.

You can bunk at the dorm beds for $15 each or set up camp for free. There are also hotel rooms available at Cedar Lakes.

I am pretty sure I can make it to this for at least a little while on Friday and I would think it would be fun for anyone else to at least watch as well.  Even if I have no idea what some of those events are.


Things to do Around Charleston on April 12th

This Saturday April 12th there are a few things going on around Kanawha Valley for nerds to check out.

Kanawha County Libraries and Kanawha Valley Astronomical Society are hosting a celebration of the anniversary of the first manned space flight by Russia’s Yuri Gagarin and first launch of NASA’s Space Shuttle with a star party at Camp Virgil Tate. Road to the Stars: Celebrate Yuri’s Night .  Things start at 6pm with various crafts, games, activities for children of all ages.  When things get dark the KVAS will lead everyone to their Breezy Point Observatory to gaze at the start through a brand new large telescope and various members’ personal ones.  Space is limited so register at the Cross Lanes Library, online, or by calling 304-775-5999.

The Clay Center‘s Sci-Fi Film Series is back with Forbidden Planet.

A starship crew goes on an expedition to investigate the sudden silence of a space colony. They find two survivors – Dr. Morbius and his daughter Altaira, who have somehow survived a hideous monster that roams the planet. How have they survived the menacing creäture and what is the deadly secret that one of them possesses? Find out in this sci-fi classic!

They will be showing it on Friday April  at 7pm and again on Saturday at 7pm.  Admission is $6 per person. Buy tickets now or at the box office.

Also at the Clay Center’s Walker Theatre, at the rear entrance, will be WV Shakespeare Festival.  All I know about it, is there will be a stage combat workshop from 1-5pm with a performance at 7pm.  It is a free event, but donations will be accepted.

Yet again at the Clay Center, check out The Music of Harry Potter.  Listen to the original music by John Williams from the Harry Potter movies.  Plus, Maestro Cooper will be wearing his sorcerer’s hat and perform a little magic for everyone.