Dead Zone Haunted House

The Dead Zone Haunted House is the successor to the Haunted Barn at Beauregard Street in Charleston.   Most of the same staff has moved over to this new project.  The season stated last weekend and is open for all.

The Dead Zone is a multi-level event with three haunted attractions on site.  Each is designed to engage all senses and give you a full experience.  The staff will physically interact with the customers in a safe but scary way.

The Slasher haunted house features classic horror movie slashers as you attempt to survive your own personal horror movie.

The Manor offers a long and dark history.  You explore the nightmares held in this manor that has been lost in time.

The Maze of Mayham (sp) is a never-ending maze with horrors around each corner.  Can you escape or will you be trapped forever.

Escape the Asylum is a blacked out haunted house where you try to escape before the patients get you.  You will have a flag football belt with four flags, and if you get all of them taken you lose.  The asylum is only opened on Thursdays from 7pm to 10pm.

The Dead Zone will be open October 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24, 29, 30, 31, and November 5.

Each event is $10 or see all three for $25.

They are doing fundraising support to EANGUS – The Enlisted Association of the National Guard of The United States, Nitro High School Show Choir, and K.V. Spartans Lacrosse team.  Just take one of their flyers to Bob Evan’s on Thursday and Friday for a donation to be made.

Fans of horror or of being scared should give the site a look.



The Haunted Barn’s 2014 Season

The Haunted Barn was founded ten years ago by National Champion Dancer Lee Jordan and Charleston Police Officer Josh Harper.  From three hallways and four workers to over 30 rooms and 40-50 employees to entertain 3,000 per night.  The barn is the biggest haunted house around.  The title for this year is Nightmares.

The Haunted Barn will be open this year on October 3-4th, 10-11th, 16-18th, 23-25th, 30-31st, and November 1st.  Show times are Thursday 7pm to 10pm, Friday and Saturday are 7pm to midnight.

There will be a street party with music, vendors, food, drink, and more hosted by Undead Threads Co every Saturday during haunt season from 7pm to 11pm.

Tickets are $10 or $20 for a VIP pass.  The VIP pass allows you to go to the front of the line, a Casket Ride, and a ticket to a 2nd haunted house, Illusions featuring a Panic Room.  The street party is only $5 if you just want to come hang out and not go through the barn.

The Haunted Barn is also doing a Nitro Monster Run on Saturday October 25th.  Line up starts at noon and the race starts at 12:30pm.  Early registration is $30, after October 1st it is $35.  The run will start at 2nd Avenue and 22nd Street.

The Haunted Barn is a haunted house unlike anything you have ever experienced before. A multi-themed haunted house includes live actors who interact directly with guests, special FX and animatronics props. The Haunted Barn is a scary experience set to engage all of your senses as you make your way through the twists and turns, tunnels and tight passage ways past ghosts, goblins, ghouls, monsters, daemons, and the criminally insane as you attempt to find your way to safety.

Zombiefest WV

Zombiefest is a zombie festival and run operated by The Haunted Barn.  It will be May 10th at Camp Virgil Tate in the Charleston area.

Things start with a 5k obstacle course through woods starting at 7am.  A 5k mountain bike starts over the same course at noon.  At 4pm the zombie run of the same course starts, an obstacle course with zombies chasing you all along the way to steal your life flags.  All you have to do is make it to the finish line with one life flag left.  Cash prizes and awards will be handed out for all the races.  First 1500 to pre-reg for the zombie run get a free zombie run t-shirt.

After all the running and biking then the apocalypse after party starts.  You can hang with special guests at the event: horror legend Tom Savini, actor, stuntman, director,special effects and makeup artist; Tyler Mane, Sabertooth from X-Men movie, Michael Myers in the Halloween remake; Tamara Glynn, Samantha Thomas in Halloween 5; Savana Jade Wehunt and Jeremy Ambler of The Walking Dead; Goldie Fatale and Andie Noir of Fatale Noir Productions; and professorial wrestler The Stro. There will be Zombie Laser Tag provided by Fright nights of Glade Springs Resort, vendors, concession stands with beer.  There will be concerts by Gage, Dead Serious, The Renfields, Fully Justified, Stych N Tyme, and Bobaflex.  Nice line up for hard rock fans.

Registration for the Zombie Run is $75,  regular 5k run is $55, and the bike run is $45.  All tickets include the after party; I think, at least the zombie run does.  Spectator tickets are $20, these do let you into the after party.  They still have room for anyone interested in being a vendor for $250.

Yet another event out there for zombie lovers.  Though those who just like to party should also find it nice.


Shockacon Assessment

Last weekend was Shockacon’s first year (the con chair says not to count last year really).  The con had a great atmosphere, but there were still some rough edges.

The con’s primary site was at the Haunted Barn.  Inside they had the vendors rooms with the guests and the Barn ran several of their haunted tours upstairs.  Outside was more promotional tables, the main stage, and on the side a some hearses.  Two blocks away at the Kanawha Players Theater was the panels and screenings.  Splitting the con into two places worked against them. Going back and forth was tiring and annoying.  I do not think the neighborhood appreciated the noise from the con either.

All the people there seemed to be having fun.  Vendors had a nice cross-section of things to buy: games, movies, shirts, make-up, comics, jewelry, art, toys, books, and more.  The guests were friendly, polite, and happy to meet fans.  I saw a number of really great costumes throughout the weekend.  Really great event if you are a fan of zombies, horror movies, or make up and costuming.

I checked out two of the panels: prepping for a zombie apocalypse and one on exorcisms.  I felt they were both good, just the room they were held in was not all that good for presentations with bad acoustics and with some junk in the back.  Big enough for lots of people though.

The problems with the cons fell a bit like nick-picking, but are things that can be easily fixed and will make things even better.  The con lacked any kind of program guide for people to carry around, meaning they had to keep asking for directions and having to go back to check the posted schedules.  Splitting the con into two places worked against them.

It was hot on Friday with very little AC for the vendors room and then it rained for part of Saturday causing some shuffling of events without much announcement.  There were problems with the videos playing, stuff was late or just skipped.  The events at the Main Stage were often a little later than scheduled, which is just Con Standard Time (CST) so that was expected.

They have the crowd and the passion for the event.  I just think it would be better overall if they move things indoors, like a hotel or the civic center.  The Kanawha Players Theater looked like a place that might work out to move everything into from what I saw.  I wait to see what they are able to do in the future.

Shockacon Weekend

Last year’s Shockacon was held around the Mound in South Charleston outside for one day.  This year they are inside more and for a full three days.  It is hosted by The Haunted Barn and Kanawha Players Theater.

They have gathered several guests in a number of fields.  From The Walking Dead played by Jeremy Ambler, Nick Gomez, Theodus Crane, Savana Jade Wehut.  .  Eugene Clark from Land of the Dead, Danny Hicks from Evil Dead II, and David Crawford from Dawn of the Dead.  From SyFy’s Face OFF RJ Haddy, Roy Wooley, David Greathouse, and Beki Ingram.  Authors and graphic novelists Danny boy, Edward Holsclaw, Robert Tinnell, Jason Pell, Woodland Press, Burning Bush, and Lazie Horse Publishing.  Movie directors Jared Coh from The Asylum and Eamon Hardimon of Razor Sharp Productions.  And several more I did not mention, like wrestlers, paranormal groups, fan groups, and more.

There are several events lined up.  Events lined up are Q&A panels, make up and prop workshops, creature creation competition, costume contest, scream contest, photo ops, and more.  More than twenty hours of movie screenings are lined up with the premiere of Atlantic Rim and short film The Pit among them.  Friday and Saturday night will have live music hosted by DJ Thunder and several local bands with The Wayward Girls School of Burlesque and The Monster Dolls helping out.  The Haunted Barn will be open with their full haunting operations to check out.  After parties will be held at the Blue Parrot on Friday and Saturday as well.

Tickets are $30 for the weekend, $10 or $15 for each day, or $100 for VIP passes.

If you are a horror fan this is the top event for you.  Part con, part haunted house, part film festival, and much more.  Check out their website and Facebook page for more info.  The event is to be family friendly so do not worry too much about bringing the kids.

Another Zombie Prom

Kanawha Players Theater will be hosting its 2nd annual Zombie Prom on Saturday, August 10 at their theater in Charleston.   The prom will be a cheesy combination of nostalgic high school tradition with zombie fandom.  It goes from 9pm till midnight.

They will have refreshments, music, contests, prizes, attractions, and performances throughout the night in a family friendly environment.  They will be offering free zombie make-up if you do not know, or want to do, your own.  It will be available between 8pm and 9pm, before the prom.  You will be given a chance to vote for your favorite choose of Zombie Prom King and Queen.  Plus prizes for best costume and a brain eating contest.

The Master of Ceremonies for the prom is Vincent Renfield.  The Haunted Barn will be offering their Coffin Rides.  A selection of hearses from the Cemetery Knights Hearse Club will be on display.  A performance by the Wayward Girls School of Burlesque.  They will be offering prom photos from Mike Winland Studios.

Tickets are $15 per person or $25 per couple.  Pre-register or buy at door.

Another chance for you zombie fans to show off and party.

Zombie Prom in Souther WV

Yet another event I learn about at the last minute.  Glade Springs Resort in Raleigh County is hosting their 1st Zombie Prom this Saturday night, July 27th.  It is a chance to dress in your best prom or zombie (or both) clothes.  They have arranged a “professional blood splatter-er” to help give people a zombie look.  I think they mean make-up artist and if not I would like to know how you become a “professional blood splatter-er.”

There will be dancing, with music provided by a DJ, some snacks, a cash bar, and a chance to vote the Zombie King and Queen of the prom.  Plus the Haunted Barn will have their Last Ride casket rides, a solo experience in a wooden casket.

“With shows like Walking Dead, people are really into the zombies all year long, not just at Halloween so we decided to throw this Zombie Prom, you can get dressed up like a zombie going to prom or just a zombie in general.” Glade Springs Resort Creative Director Ashley Davis said.

The event is for 16 and up.  Things will get started at 8pm and goes till midnight.  Admission is $10 at the door, no advance tickets available.

A chance for zombie lovers to go have fun together.