Rising Star 23

West Virginia’s oldest convention, Rising Star, returns for another year.  October Friday 24th and Saturday 25th at the Bluefield State College (BSC) in Bluefield.  This will be Rising Star 23 and the theme for the year is Kaiju and celebrating the birthday of Godzilla.

Guests at the con are Beck Seashols (art of cute and LucasArts artist), R.S. Rob Belcher (author of Six gun Tarot), Chris DeHart (zombie make-up artist and props), Ashley Holohan (anthropomorphic artist), Kim Headlee (author of Dawnflight), Nicholas Anderson (blogger of WV Fandoms Blog), K.R. Thompson (author of The Keeper Saga), Andrew and Tiffany Ragland (FASA Corporation Game Reps), S. C. Houff (author of Spring Blessings: From the Files of the Department of the Arcane), Laura Lin (local paranormal author), Dan Delby (comic book author), Consortium 499 (filmmaker and alternate soundtracks), Paul Delinger (author of Dr. Lazarus & Other Stories), White Plectrum (filker and comedy), Studio Unseen (webcomic creators), plus Mark and Amanda Davis (local artists).

Groups attending include Strange Aeons (LARP), Pure Steam (steampunk gaming), Black Diamond Paranormal Society, Abingdon Historical Combat (renaissance-era combat instructors, BSC Robotics (award-winning robotics team), and the Rebel Legion’s Freedom Base (Star Wars costuming group).

Programming will include game demos, discussion panels, board gaming, anime viewing room, video gaming, dealers and artists, photo ops, costume contest, concert, charity auction, concessions, brony meet up, Werewolf games, workshops, and just generally hanging out with some of the old guard.  I will be running a game show on Saturday, so come check out Geek On to see who the biggest nerd is.  The charity auction on Saturday will raise money to establish the Johnny Miller and David Craig Memorial Scholarships.

A pass is only $5 at the door for both days.  BSC students, faculty, and staff get in free though.

Fans who like small events and many different fandoms will want to come check this out.



Rising Star 22

Rising Star is a sci-fi convention held on the campus of Bluefield State College in Bluefield.  It is a small and very relaxed style convention that covers many different fandoms.  This year’s event is on October 25th through the 26th.

Guests at this year’s con are Kim Headlee (Arthurian author), Ashley Holohan (furry artist), Mark and Amanda Davis (artists), Seth Banner (artist), Chris Impink and Barb Fischer (webcomic), Laura Lin (paranormal author), Dan Delby (comics), Paul Dellinger (UFO writer), Consortium 499 (musician), Pure Steam (steampunk gaming), the Bluefield State College Robotics Team, Strange AEON LARP, Black Diamond Paranormal Society, Sisters of Salem (paranormal group), Chris Dehart (make up artist), White Plectrum (filker), Abingdom Historical Combat, and the biggest start of all (read: full of flaming gas) myself.

Things to do and see at the con include an art show and auction, makeup demos, table top gaming, tournaments by Rare Hunters, dealers, art demos, video game tourneys by Game Stop, charity auction, dance party, fighting demos, LARPing, My Little Pony meetup, film fest, anime room, costume call, photo ops, music concerts, and various panels.  I will be holding a panel on “Nerd Music” and joining the panel on Doctor Who.    Food will be available on site for purchase.

Passes to the con are only $5. Students and staff of Bluefield State College get in free with a BSC ID.  This is something for fans who like small events and are more into events with substance instead of flashing events.


Nerdapalooza is night of art inspired by comic books, video games, and general nerdiness.  Not to be confused with the nerd music festival in Florida of the same name.  It is June 7th at 6:30 PM at the The DogHouse in Bluefield (1217 Bluefield Ave).


The show will feature artwork from Mark Davis, Kevin Morris, Amanda Davis, Jacob Bigg Bailey who will be tattooing during the show, Sam Franz, Sean Osborne, Rob  Boone, Holly Boone, Corey Drake, Claw Hammerfark and Loren Morris.

There will also be a musical performance from Jonah Knight. Jonah is known for a range of songs from paranormal folk, supernatural steampunk, and creepy Christmas songs and one of my personal faves.

The Razor Sharp studios will be bringing some of their films for viewing.  Razor Sharp is a Charleston based film production company specializing in horror/comedy. Their feature films include “Catholic Ghoulgirls,” “Vampire Whores from Outer Space,” “Porkchop,” “Porkchops,” “Zombie Babies,” and “Porkchopp3D.”

Looks to be a good time to see some cool art, hear some cool music, and meet some nerdy people.

Over the Border: Mysticon

Very late in doing this but I still wanted to post it.

MystiCon is a literary sci-fi con (plus fantasy, pop culture, steampunk, and more) February 22-24 at the Tanglewood Holiday Inn in Roanoke, Virginia.

The Guests of Honor include Peter Davison (5th Doctor Who), Larry Elmore (D&D artist), Orson Scott Card (author of Ender’s Game), Tom Angleberger (author of Origami Yoda), Steven Long (RPG creator), musicians, filmmakers, podcasters, authors, artists, costumers, wrestlers, and more. Plus a some from here in West Virginia.

Artist Mark Davis: co-founder of the Fair Theater Company, Executive Director of the Bluefield Area Arts Center, lecturer at Bluefield State College, judge for the 2005 Ennies presented at GenCon.  He should be around with some of his work to check out.

Graphic Designer Emily Mottesheard: creator of “Cookies and Cream” webcomic, Mystik Waboose t-shirt designer, design work for John Ringo merchandise, coloring book creator, design head for IMAGYRO magazine.  You will be able to find her at IMAGRYRO’s table int he vendors room and at panels talking about her hatred of Comic Sans font.

Game Designer Charles Matheny: designer of his own RPG, a tactical combat space game, and writing a novel.  He will be running his RPG, War Among the Stars, several times throughout the weekend.

Say hi to them and help connect the fandoms of WV.