Flood Relief from Tricon and CharCon

With the recent storms devastating whole communities, members in the fandom communities have stepped up to help each other and others.  I have two examples here.

Tricon is having a raffle.  You can donate money through PayPal to WVFloodRelief@triconwv.com and for your donation you will entered to will some great prizes.  You can win multiple prizes so the more you give the more you can win.  The more you give the more tickets you get: $1 for one ticket, $5 for six tickets, $10 for fifteen tickets, and $20 for thirty tickets.  Tricon will match each dollar raised through this.

Prizes up to win include various print from Todd Frazer, a copy of Goon Chinatown signed by Eric Powell, an original art page from She Hulk issue 38 page 14 signed by Steve Scott, DC Designer Series Catwoman Toy signed by Jae Lee and sculptor Jordan Matthews, two VIP passes to Tricon 2017, your choice of a single character commission from Rob Dumo, Todd Beistel, Tristan Kelly, or Nicholas Wentland; and you, someone of your choice, will be drawn into an upcoming Broken Icon Comic.  You will receive ten copies of the comic.

The Grand Prize of the raffle is two VIP passes to Tricon 2017, an exclusive shirt and badge, plus cash to spend at the show and a set of books to get signed at the show.


On Saturday July 9th from 10am to midnight at the South Charleston First Church of Nazarene CharCon is running a Flood Relief Game Day.

It will be a day of lots of games and raising money funds for those who have been effected by the recent flooding.

They will be accepting donations, have concessions available, prizes to be given out, an auction, and possible other events.  Billy Tackett is sending prints and original art as prizes.  Stacey Parker is donating several prints as well.

If you know of anyone in the gamer community that was hurt by the flooding contact CharCon with the details.



TriCon V

Tri-State Comic Con (Tricon) celebrates its fifth year with their biggest year yet.  The con is this Saturday June 4th from 10am to 6pm at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena in Huntington.

Big named guest for this year are Rikki Simons voice of GIR from Invader Zim and a writer of prose and comics of his own, WWE Hall of Famer “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase, Ed Brisson comic writer currently working on the Sons of Anarchy comic, Beau Smith creator and writer of the Wynonna Earp comic which has been turned into a TV series on SyFy, Dave Aikins illustrator for Nickelodeon products and zombies, Darryl Banks famed for co-creating Kyle Rayner, DC Comics inker Jonathan Glapion, two-time Harvey Award winning writer Chad Lambert, writer on Uncanny X-Men Jay Leisten, Brian Level co-creator of Image’s The Mantle, Tommy Patterson artist on Game of Thrones comic, and illustrators Andy Bennett, Eryk Donovan, Rob Dumo, Nate Lovett, Drew Moss, Mark A. Robinson, Uko Smith, Justin Stewart, Kyle Strahm, and Nicholas “Iowa” Wentland.

Indy comic creator appearing include KC Anderson of Wafflecus, Tressina Bowling of Dracullama, Todd Beistel of Yuri: The Gypsy Hunter, Coffman 20XX of Araura, Landon Franklin of Zokusho, Timothy Fuller of Zombie Marge, Travis Horseman of Amiculus, Shawn Murphy of Meachanaflux, Lauren Sparks of Cats Talking Words, Jason Pell of Zombie Highway, and the guys from Support Group.  Plus artists Edward Choi, Todd Frazer, Tristan Kelly, Jesse Marks, Michael Mayne, Amanda Scharf, and Jimbo Valentine, authors Rob E. Boley, Edward S. Brenwalt, Russ Lippitt, and E.E. Martin, small publishers Broken Icon Comics, Electromagnetic Press, Headshrinker Press, Mourning Daily Publishing, and Old World Comics.  Plus podcasters the Standard Nerds, D20 Girls Project, and Power Up will be set up along with a few charities out in the atrium.

You can expect plenty of vendors with a wide variety of goods.  Comics, graphic novels, manga, toys, board and card games, figurines, card sets, collectibles, leather works, knitting, steampunk jewelry, t-shirts, decals, posters, buttons, and so much more.

For those looking for photo opportunities, you can get them with the con’s Ambassador of cosplay Harley Heartthrob, the Mandalorian Mercs Black Mountain Guard, the WV Ghost Busters with their 30ft Staypuff Marshmallow Man, a Supernatural themed Impala with a trunk load of weapons, and the actual shed used in Evil Dead 2.

For events they will have panels on cosplay, making your own comics, inking comics, and a Q&A about working for Image.  A charity auction for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and a costume contest for cash prizes and medals.  For the first time there will be gaming going on at the con.  The Goblin Traders will be hosting Force of Will and Magic: The Gathering tournaments along with board game and Star Wars X-Wing minis demos starting at 11am.  The Friday night before the con, they are having their 2nd annual Drink and Draw at Sharkeys.  There will be live drawing from 8pm to Midnight.

Tickets are only $10 and free for kids 10 and under.  They will also have for sell limited edition exclusive comic cover of Army of Darkness for sell.

This is con is just a must to see.  Lots of good creators to meet, things to buy, people to meet, and things to do.  All for a good price.


Tri-Con 2015

Tri-State Comic Con (TriCon) the largest fandom convention in West Virginia returns Saturday April 11 at the Big Sandy Arena in Huntington.  Show starts at 10am and goes to 6pm.

Guests for this year’s event include a number of creators from IDW publishing like Paul Allor (TMNT, GI Joe), Eryk Donovan (Dark Anthology), Matt Slay (TMNT), Cory Smith (TMNT, Magnus Robot Fighter), and Tom Waltz (senior staff writer/editor).  Also Jay Leisten (Might Avengers, Death of Wolverine), Brian Level (The Mantle, The Brothers James), Gavin Smith (Human City, Accelerators), Justin Stewart, Kyle Strahm (Judge Dredd, Evil Ernie), Uko Smith, and Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night). Plus old favorites Darryl Banks, Sean Forney, Lora Innes, Mark Kidwell, Chad Lambert, Tommy Patterson, and Jamie Snell.  From Broken Icon Comics Nicholas Wentland,Brandon Lauhon, Jordon Lowe, Todd Fraiser, and other creators from the company that brings you this con.

Con sponsor Jewel City Championship Wrestling is bringing in wrestler and Yoga master Diamond Dallas Page (and maybe Al Snow no confirmation on this yet though) and holding a wrestling show after the con at 7:30pm at the Fairfield East Community Center in Huntington.

Exhibitors include comic creators Jon Parrish, Chris Charlton, Chris McJunkin, Tim Fuller, Shawn Murphy, Aaron Walther; artists Rusty Shackles, Marc Lewis, Tressina Bowling, Jesse Marks, Seth Lyons, Andrew Heath; small publishers Ringtail Cafe, Page 4 Yeti, Old World Comics, ElectroMagnetic Press; cosplayers Santana Maynard and Bunny Bombshell; podcast The Standard Nerd; groups 501st, D20 Girls Project, Black Mountain Guard, and WV Ghostbusters.  Plus lots more.

Vendors runs the usual gambit of dealers in comics, toys, collectibles, games, art, cards, t-shirts, posters, video games, jewelry and whatever else you could want.

There some special variant covers that will only be available at Tri-con this year.  The first one is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #44 with a cover by Tommy Patterson, written by Tom Waltz, which other guests also worked on.  One from Mark Kidwell’s 68 with the convention creators as zombie heads.  Also a special one variant from Broken Icon, Eccentrix.

There will be four panels during the con:  Making Cosplay Happen, TMNT with Paul Allor and Cory Smith, Independent Comics, and Horror From the Ground UP.  There will of course also be the charity auction for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and Costume Contest.

Admission is $10, free for children under 10.


Game Day to Benefit the Riddells

On December 22, 2014 the house of Tom and Marnie Riddell caught fire and burned down.  They lost their home, belongs, and Tom suffered serious burns as a result of this blaze.  The two are active members of the local gaming community, cosplayers, con goers, and more.  Marnie has also been named the first Ambassador of Cosplay at Tri-Con this year.

To help them out CharCon and friends are holding a game day to benefit them on Saturday February 7th at the Elk River church of Nazarene in Charleston.  Things will start around 10am and go all day along.

They will have a variety of board games to play, Pathfinder sessions, Sparks Star Wars RPG, and more.  Plus a game auction, door prizes, and concessions will be available.

There is no admission fee but they are taking donations.  They are also taking games or game related items for use in the auction or as door prizes and donations for concessions, anything but baked goods. There is also a gofundme page for them to donate at as well.  All the money goes to help the Riddell family.

Let the organizers know if you are going on the Facebook Event page, so they can figure out how much they need for concessions.


Tri-Con 2014

The Tri-State Comic Con is coming up next month on May 31st at the Big Sandy Superstore in Huntington, WV so here is an update on what will be at the con.

Announced guests since my last piece are Jeremy Barlow (Eisner nomine writer and editor, R.I.P.D, Mass Effect, Star Wars), Mat Slay (artist, Image Comics, Upper Deck),  Jamie Snell (artist, Topps, Upper Deck, Rittenhouse), and Daniel Way (creator of Draken, Wolverine: Origins, Deadpool).

Attending exhibitors that will be there are comic creators Eric Adams, Alex Heberling, Assailant Comics, Todd Beistel, Dustin Carson, Sean Forney, Todd Frazer, Tim Fuller, Rodney Fyke, Gary Gibeaut, Kevin Leen, Seth Lyons, Michael Mayne, Chris McJunkin, Shawn Murphy, Timothy Taylor, Aaron Williams, and Thomas Williams; artists Tressina Bowling, Edward Choi, Doomsday Designs, Matthew Durfee, Ronky Tonk, Marc Lewis, Ansley McDaniel, Maryanne Rose PapkeBrett Pinson; webcomic creators Derek CrostonJordan Lowe, and Support Group; authors E.S. Brenwalt and Dan Pettry; podcasts Casual Heroes, In This Issue, Kentucky Geek Girl; publishers ElectoMagnetic Press, Mourning Daily Publishing, Old World Comics, Page 4 Yeti, Pink Dollar Comics, and Runespinner Studios.  And con creators Broken Icon Comics will be there will with Rob Dumo, Brandon “G-Raver” Graver, Tristan Kelly, KJ Mendenhall, Joseph Schmalke, Kevin Steward, and Nicholas “Iowa” Wentland. Appearances by the WV Ghostbusters Division and rock band Harrah.

Vendors for the con include individual comic dealers and stores (C&C, Dungeon Dwellers Comics, Purple Earth Comics, Third Floor Comics), Blue Line Pro for art supplies, City of Horror, toy dealers (Classic Plastics, Dave’s All-American Toys, HillBilly Toy Chest), Gem City and Lexington Comic Con, Ryancor custom screen printers, TeeMinus 24, photographer Williamson Image, plus DZ Nuts and Cards will be looking to buy key issues and will grade two issues for free.

Panels have not been posted yet, but I am going to guess stuff about working in the industry and how to produce your own work.  Though check out the list of items they have up for the auction.

You can still pre-reg for the con on the website; General Admission for $10 or the Guest Friendly Package for $15.


Tri-Con, Mike Foley, and the Larrys

West Virginia’s largest fandom event, Tri State Comic Con (Tri-Con) will be May 31st this year at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena in Huntington again.

One of the big names for this year is wrestling legend Mick Foley.  A four-time world champ, two-time New York Times best-selling author, and a stand-up comic/spoken-word performer.  He is also the author of the WWE’s new comic book.  Another is fan favorite writer Gail Simone, with famous runs on Birds of Prey, Secret Six, Batgirl, and much more.  This will be a regional exclusive appearance.  Other new guests this are Chris Sprouse co-creator of Tom Strong, Pop Mhan, Jonathan Glapion, Heater Breckel of My Little Pony comic fame, and James Asmus.  Previous guests Darryl Banks, Lora Innes, Mark Kidwell, Chad Lambart, Tommy Patterson, Beau Smith, Billy Tucci, and many other artists and comic creators.

The Larrys” are Tri-Con’s new annual awards sponsored by the podcast In This Issue.  There will be two awards this year, “Best in Comic” and “Best in Art.”  The awards will be determined by In This Issue and a group of guest professionals.  Creators may send in their creations for nomination.  Winners will be announced at the con.

They are also looking for the biggest Tricon fan out there.  E-mail them a 500-1000 word reason why you are Tricon’s biggest fan.  They will select one fan and name them the Larry Hall of Fame Fan of 2014.  They will receive a plaque during the show.  So send in your submission and come to the con to see me win the plaque cause I have this in the bag.  Photos may also be sent in.

Tickets are $10 for general admission, guest friendly package which gets you in thirty minutes early and exclusive print are $15, and still available are the VIP package which comes with exclusive prints, blank variant comic, buttons, t-shirt, and hour early access to show for $25.  Kids under 10 get in free.

Great show for fans of comics and general nerdy culture.


On Saturday April 6th Huntington will once again be host to the Tri-State Comic Con (Tri-Con) at the Big Sandy Superstore Area.

The con is run by James Maddox and Eric Watkins of Broken Icon Comics.  The con is supported by Top Shelf Productions, Ript Apparel, Dungeon Dweller Comics store, In This Issue podcast, and comic art supplier Blue Line Pro.
The Guests of Honors for the con include a few natives of WV: Jeremy Ambler (Walker from Walking Dead), James Patrick (Green Arrow, Batman), Beau Smith (Warrior, Wynonna Earp), and Robert Tinnell (Surf Nazis Must Die, Wicked West, Feast of the Seven Fishes).  And more from out-of-state.  Darryl Banks (co-creator of Kyle Rayner), Kevin Galbraith (Walker from Waking Dead), Lora Innes (The Dreamer), Tony Isabella (creator of Black Lightning and Tigra),  Mark Kidwell (Vietnam zombie epic 68), Chad Lambert (Return to Point Pleasant, Kung Fu Panda), Tommy Patterson (Game of Thrones, Irredeemable), Steve Scott (Batman, JLA, Hulk), Duane Swierczynski (Birds of Prey, Judge Dredd), BillyTucci (Shi, Sgt. Rock), and Robert Venditti (X-O Manowar, Surrogates).  All and all a nice little selection.

Native exhibitors of the con: Bad Place Productions, Black Cat Comics, film maker and writer Daniel Boyd, author Craig Halloran, Ronky Tonk, Tristan Kelly, Marc Lewis, Dan Pettry, L. Jason Queen, and members of the Ohio Valley Artist League.
And several artists from all over the place.   Todd Beistel, Tressina Bowling, Tyrell Cannon, Dustin Carson, Edward Choi, Rob Dumo, Rodney Fyke, Bob Frantz, Dan Gorman, Terence Hanley, Andrew Heath, Stephen Hines, Kevin Leen, Brent McKee, Mike Maydak, Michael Mayne, Ansley McDaniel, Chris McJunkin, Kenn Minter, Shawn Murphy, Franklin Napier, Brett Pinson, Rusty Shackles, Kevin Steward, Justin Stewart, Timothy Taylor, and Evan Thomas. Independent comic companies and groups Action Lab Entertainment, Assailant Comics, Drunken Cat Comics, Mourning Daily Publishing, and Old World Comics.

In addition other sites and shops at the con are the 501st Legion’s West Virginia Squad Corellia with two large props to take pictures with, steampunk accouterments Gears and Glass, toys, action figures, collectibles, games, cards, TeeMinus24 selling their limited edition t-shirts, and plenty of comic stores and sellers with everything from back issues to the latest trade paperbacks.  I have heard rumors of appearances from the Cult of Skaro and a police box exhibit from Galifrey.  Special note to WV comic stores and dealers from WV: C&C Comics, Geifer Games & Comics, Kat’s Comics, and Third Floor Comics and Collectibles.

Panels lined up for the con are “Mothman: The myth, the research and the graphic novel” by Chad Lambert, “The Art of Art” with a hand selected group of artists, “Talking with a Walker” with Kevin Galbraith, and “Writing the Relaunch” with Robert Venditti and Duane Swierczynski.  The panels will be moderated by Ryan ‘Zip’ Zipperian from X1063.
The con’s costume contest is at 5pm and is offering a cash prize for first place and a prize package from the exhibitors and sponsors for the runner-up.  A children’s division for those under 13 will also be held.  Registration will be from 10am till 1pm and for a maximum of fifty entries.
There will also be a charity auction at 4pm to raise money for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.  You can look at the con’s Auction page for some of the items already lined up.  They will also have a special Doctor Who print, with the 11 Doctors and their own mascot done up as a doctor, each Doctor done by a different artist attending the con.

The convention will run from 10am-6pm.  Passes are only $7 for all day, kids under 10 get in free.  A special Guest Friendly Package for $10 comes with thirty minutes early access to the show floor are also available, but only ahead of time.  You can already get a look at the program guide for the con online.

This is something for all kinds of nerds to show up for, not just comic book fans.  Plenty of stuff to check out and a chance to meet all kinds of new people.