Tsubasacon 2016

Tsubasacon is back for another year this Friday September 30th to Sunday October 2nd at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena and Convention Center in Huntington.

Voice actor guests for this are Steve Blum well know for his work in Cowboy Beebop, Big O, Naruto, Digimon, and many other animes, he also has the Guinness Book of World Record for most voice roles in video games, plus he voiced many incarnations of Wolverine, Amon in Legend of Korra, TOM the host of Toonami, hundreds of other roles and Caitlynn French known for such roles as Shiro from No Game No Life, Miyu Edelfelt Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Lllya, Matsurika from Maria-Holic, and several others from Sentai Filmworks.

This year they have two music acts nerdcore artist and cosplayer Shadow Clone and nerd pop band the Night Sabers.  Other guests are Pachinko Fever who will be bringing a selection of pachinko machines to play, boffer combat troupe Sleeping Samurai, Tokyo Attack who bring a collection of Japanese arcade machines, panelist group Vitamin H, the Carolina Manga Library, and convention game show host Greggo.

Events include game shows by Greggo, two video rooms, formal masquerade ball on Friday night, AMV contest Saturday morning, guest Q&A and autographs, a dance party on Saturday night, two Cosplay Lip Sync contests (one all ages and one 18+), In-Character Contest, an Iron Cosplay Contest on Sunday, and the big cosplay contest on Saturday.  Fan panels on such topics as Fire Emblem, crossplay, Japanese language, several on cosplaying and cosplay culture, Final Fantasy, chainmaile workshop, traveling to Japan, Japanese Culture, Kpop and Jpop, RWBY, and plenty more to check out.

The video gaming section on the con will have a room-scale virtual reality set-up, free play consoles from Rare Drops, tournaments of Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, J Stars Victory, Halo, Pokken, and more through out the weekend and a mobile gaming area.   Hobby gaming will have tournaments provided by Dungeon Dwellers with several tournaments for Magic, Force of Will, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dice Masters, and Heroclix; plus on a Guild Ball tournament on Saturday and on Sunday a Warmachine and Hordes tournament; the Pathfinder Society will be running scenarios throughout all three days, and a game library from Huntington Unplugged Gaming Society.

In the vendor/artist alley you will be able to find t-shirts, DVDs, manga, cosplay items, figurines, keychains, plushies, wigs, plenty of other accessories and collectibles, jewelry, weapons, Japanese snacks, games, CDs, art prints, comics, steampunk wear, nerdy crafts, and so much more.

It is $45 for the weekend, $30 for just Friday, $20 for just Sunday, and $40 for a Saturday/Sunday badge.  Wristbands that will only get you into the video and table-top gaming sections will be $35 for the weekend, $20 for Friday, $25 for Saturday, and $15 for Sunday.  Children, between ages 7-12, badges are $20 for the weekend and $10 for Sunday both with the purchase of an adult’s.  Children under seven are free.

Fans of cosplay, anime, gaming, internet culture, and the like should all be able to find something to interest them at this con.

Tsubasacon 2015

Tsubasacon is a three-day anime, cosplay, and gaming con at the Big Sandy Area and Riverfront Conference Center in Huntington on Friday October 8th to Sunday October 10th.

Voice actor guests for this year are  Kyle Hebert (DBZ, Bleach, Naruto), Keith Silverstein (Gundam Unicorn, Monster, Sailor Moon), and Matthew Erickson (Crest/Banner of the Stars, Zoids, Gundam SEED Destiny).  Other guests are Japanese rock band Kazha, anime anthropologist Charles Dunbar, Carolina Manga Library, panelist group Vitamin H Productions, Japanese arcade machine owners Tokyo Attack,  boffer fighters Sleeping Samurai, and game show host Greggo.

Events at the con include their usual activities plus some new ones.  The cosplay masquerade will be on Saturday.  There will also be an In-Character Contest on Friday and Cosplay Lip Sync contest on Saturday (18+ version on Friday night).  Panels from guests and attendees, Greggo’s game shows, two viewing rooms, autographs, concerts, formal ball on Friday and dance party on Saturday, martial arts demo, artist alley and vendor room to check out, manga library, photo shoots, AMV contest and more.

Video Gaming this year will be run by Rare Drops.  They will hold tournaments throughout the weekend on J Stars Victory, Mortal Kombat X, SSFighter 4 Ultra, Smash Bros Melee and 4, Injustice, Mario Kart Double Dash and 8, Naruto 2, Halo 2, Call of Duty, and Project M.  They will also have high score challenges on Donkey Kong, Super Mario Maker, and Tetris over the weekend.  You can pre-reg for the tournaments now.  Tokyo Attack will have 13 different arcade cabinets for free play and will be holding a DDR tournament on Saturday.  There is also the Tsu Region Pokémon League to play in.

Tsubasacon is holding a whole new table top gaming area as well.  The Huntington Unplugged Gaming Society will have a library of board games to check out.  Dungeon Dwellers will be teaching and holding tournaments on Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh.  RPGs from Pathfinder Society and Sparks, Warmachine and Hordes demo, and open gaming area.

Pre-reg goes until October 8th and is $45 for the weekend.  At door prices are $45 for weekend, $30 for Friday, $40 for Saturday and Sunday, $20 for Sunday, and free for kids under 7.  On Saturday they will also have a $25 Gaming Badge that will let you into the gaming area, but only that.  The con is also collecting goods for the Ronald McDonald House.

Fans of anime, cosplay, gaming, and Japanese media, this is your event.

Natsu no Tsubasacon 2015

Tsubasacon‘s annual potluck picnic, Natsu no Tsubasacon, is this Saturday June 27th at Ritter Park in Huntington, rain or shine, from noon till around 4pm or later.

They will be cooking hot dogs and selling bottles of water for Ronald McDonald House.  To be part of the pot luck, sign-up online to let everyone know what you will be bringing.  There will be side dishes, fruit and vegetable trays, chips, desserts, ice, Gatorade, soda, and more.

Events throughout the day include an anime swap meet, mini cosplay contest, group photo, suikawari (watermelon smashing), kickball games, and water battle with water balloons, bring your own water gun though.  There will be anime and video gaming music through out the day along with anime showings.  The swap meet is trade only.  The D20 Girls Project of West Virginia will be hosting a game of humans vs zombies with Nerf guns.  A Pokémon tournament will be there as well.  Challenge a series of trainers with three Pokémon and learn about more what Pokémon events will be at Tsubasacon.  

If you have any other games or activities you want to do, you will have no problem finding people to join you.  Or you could just hang out and chat with people.

The con will be collecting donations for the Ronald McDonald House Charities.  Items they are looking for are: any kid friendly items, frozen dinners, cereal bars, laundry detergent, toilet cleaners, dish detergent, plastic wrap, garbage bags, hand soap, food storage containers, light bulbs, tissues, and gift cards.  Check the McDonald House site for more items you can give.

The picnic is the last chance to get your three-day pass to Tsubasacon for only $35.

If you want to hang out with fellow anime fans outside, there is no better time than this.

Tsubasacon 2014

Tsubasacon returns this year on Friday October 10th through Sunday the 13th at the Riverfront Ballroom and Conference Center in Huntington.

Guests for this year are voice actors D.C. Douglas (Resident Evil, Mass Effect), Paul St. Peter (Naruto, Robotech, Bleach), Lisle Wilkerson (Tekken, Virtual Fighter); game show host Greggo, and musical guest the video game inspired Eien Strife.

Events lined up include panels, several game shows, video game tournaments, anime showings, concerts, improv, karaoke, games of Cards Against Humanity, AMV contest, martial arts exhibition, autograph sessions, rave, and more.  There will be panels about video games, Homestuck, art, animes, cosplay, crochet, figurines, Avatar, music, Japanese cinema, exercise, RPGs, and more.  I am personally doing five panels over the weekend under the name Otaku@DEEP.  Big events over the weekend are the Formal Masquerade Ball (Halloween Theme) and NIghtmare Night Festival (My Little Pony) on Friday night, a cosplay parade (along the sidewalk), cosplay masquerade, and cosplay lip sync contest on Saturday, plus a talent show on Sunday.

Power Up is holding some retro video game tournaments in the video game room.  The Tsubasa Region Pokemon League is holding their second year of battles.  Battle against Gym Leaders and earn badges to be the best, the best there ever was.  The cosplay masquerade and lip sync contest will be the city auditorium at city hall.

They also have a full vendor room, artists alley, the 501st Squad Corellia, and plenty more to see.  The 501st is holding a raffle, to enter bring a toy donatio to win some Star Wars collectibles.

Registration will be $45 for the weekend, $30 for just Friday, $40 for just Saturday, and $20 for just Sunday.   The cosplay parade is free though to go check out.

If you like anime, video games, or cosplay this is the biggest of the year for all that.  Lots to see, do, or just come to hang out with friends old and new.

Tsubacon Review

Another year and another Tsubasacon.  The tenth anniversary passed this year with loads of fun and special recognition from both the governor’s office and Huntington’s mayor office.

There was some layout restructuring this year, first time in a long time, since the center had done some remodeling.  The vendor room was moved to the other side of the building and panel rooms and sub-main to their place.  Lightened traffic down the hallways with the vendors and artist alley away from each other, but helped to create extra noise outside the panel rooms.

The guests were friendly and nice, of what I saw of them.  Maybe it was just me, it seemed they did not put them as front and center to the fans.  Then again I did not try too hard.

My panels ran pretty well all three days.  Fair to good attendance and very interactive crowds.  Also got to check a few other panels.  The ones I saw were quite good, a blend of learning and having fun.  Though not all.

The music acts were nice if a bit loud for myself.  Seriously I walked out of the Junko concert cause it was physically painful.  I did like here work though, picked up a CD and all.

There was plenty of cosplayers from all kinds of fandoms: animes, video games, Doctor Who, MLP, comics, and what ever else people liked.

Disappointed in the CCG room and schedule they had.  The guy in charge of Weiss Schwarz did not show and all of Sunday’s games were cancelled.  Also not a lot of room.  I did not check during the tournaments so I did not get to see them going on.  The video room did not really have too much that interested me during the weekend and the only time I actually looked in there, no video was playing and I swear there were two people napping in their chairs.

The vendors’ room was fuller than last year and had a good selection of items to pick up.  Artist Alley also had a nice selection, not a lot of repeat items.

Very much a con for people looking to hang out with friends, both old and new. Still lacks that real special spark to make it a great con, but very much improved.  Great for cosplayers, video game fans, cartoons, and internet memes.

Pictures by Aaron Bellomy

Tsubasacon X

Tsubasacon is celebrating their tenth year of conventions on October 11th-13th in Huntington at the Big Sandy Conference Center.  Like last year, the Mayor of Huntington will honor the con during Opening Ceremonies by declaring this “Tsubasacon Weekend”, but also this year a representative from the Governor’s office will be there.

Mitsuki small

Voice actor guests at the con are David Vincent (Bleach, Code Geass, GunxSword), Chris Cason (FMA, DBZ, Hetalia), Danielle McRae (LoL, WoW, SkullGirls), and Laura Post (LoL, Skullgirls, Wow).  Music guests singer songwriter Junko Fujiyama and nerdcore act 2d6.  Special programming guest is game show host Greg Wicker (Greggo).

Things to see and do at the con include a viewing room, CCG tournaments, fan panels and demonstration, autograph sessions, games shows, guest Q&As, video games and tournaments, music concerts, artist alley, photo shoots, formal masquerade ball, vendors room karaoke, AMV contest, martial arts exhibition, League of Legends tournament, Saturday night rave, Random Battle Group (non contact mock JRPG style battles), and cosplay contest.

New this year is the Button Scavenger Hunt, pre-register for $25 and you get a special lanyard and buttons that you need to trade for other ones for points.  The Tsu Region Pokémon League Challenge for the Game Boy DS, where you get to play against the con’s Gym Leaders.  I will have six panels during the con, under the name of Otaku@DEEP.  If you attend all six I will give you a special prize.  The con is helping out two charities this year.  A canned food drive for the Huntington Area Food Bank and Foster Care Tote/Luggage Drive

For those with smart phones, you can download the con’s new app.

A con for fans of anime, video games, card games, cosplay and even My Little Pony and Homestuck.  At door registration is $40 for the weekend, $25 for Friday, $35 for Saturday, $15 for Sunday, and special rates for children.


Natsu no Tsubasacon 2013

Natsu no Tsubasacon is a summer picnic put on by Tsubasacon.  They held it for the first time last year and this year’s event is Saturday June 29th.  It will be at Ritter Park in Huntington.   It will be from noon till 6pm.

For food they are holding a potluck.  The con will provide hot dogs and toppings, a large cake, bottled water for sell, some side dishes, and all the tableware needed.  Other dishes being brought include veggie trays, cookies, cupcakes, potato salad, and more.  To see what is being brought and to sign up to help out, go the Potluck Signup Page. The password to view at is “natsu”.

Events planned for the day include a cosplay contest, kickball game between con staff and attendees, a swap meet, some anime showings, a geocaching game, scavenger hunt, and the Japanese game of sikawari where you try to break open a watermelon blindfolded.  They will be collecting canned goods for donation to the Huntington Area Food Bank, so if you go please bring any extras that you have.  You will also be able to get discounted registration for Tsubasacon at the picnic.

RSVP for the event at the Facebook Event Page.