YWCA Mini-Con

The YWCA in Wheeling is holding their first Mini-Con this Saturday May 27th from noon to 5pm.  The event will be on the 2nd floor.

Their big celebrity guest is Rob Garrison, a Wheeling native.  He was in The Karate Kid and Karate Kid Part II as Cobra Kai member Tommy.  Know for screaming “Get him a body bag! Yeah!” at the final tournament in the first movie.

The people of Clutch Gaming, Children’s Museum of the Ohio Valley, New Dimension’s Comics, We Are Roleplayers (W.A.R.), Pat Daugherty (Ohio Valley Batman), The Outer Rim Praxeum Lightsaber School, Fantasies Unraveled, and Kelci Crawford are all helping out with the event.

There will be an open discussion on “Women & Minorities in Comics” led by Dr. Jeremy Larance the Chair of the Department of Humanities and Associate Professor of English, Dr. Wally Hastings Associate Professor of English and Dr. Dominique Hoche Associate Professor of English.  WAR will be running a demonstration on live action role-playing at 1pm and 2pm.  They will have Kid’s Costume Contest for those 12 or younger at 4pm.

Admission is just a suggested donation, but come on give them a few bucks.

Of all the really small nerdy events I have seen people try to run, this looks like one of the most promising.

Located in the heart of downtown Wheeling at 1100 Chapline Street, the YWCA serves the community through its Family Violence Prevention, Cultural Diversity & Community Outreach, Women’s Boutique, Women Inspired In New Directions (W.I.N.D.) and Women’s Residence & Homeless Shelter

Video Games Live Tour

Video Games Live is an immersive concert experience of music from video games performed with orchestras and combined with light, sounds, and audience interaction and is coming back to the mountain state.  They will be performing with the Wheeling Symphony in Wheeling and the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra in Charleston.  The Wheeling show will be at the Capital Theatre Friday February 10th starting at 7:30pm.  The Charleston show will be at the Clay Center Saturday February 11th starting at 8pm.

You can help create the set list be suggesting songs on the Facebook event pages.  (Wheeling, Charleston)

The show will also have a costume contest prior to the concert and a meet & greet with “game industry luminaries” after the concert.   Traditional string quartet, Triforce Quartet will be performing as special guests at both shows.

Tickets for the Wheeling performance range from $16.50 to $62.  The tickets for the Charleston show range from $35 to $69.  Get them while you can.  There is an Ultimate Gamer V.I.P. Experience Package you can add to either ticket for $100.  With it you get a laminated backstage tour pass, pre-show production tour with meet & greet, album download card, pin, sticker, front of line access to post-show meet & greet, and signed page of conductor sheet music.

Fans of video games and video game music will want to try to catch this.  The performance will not be boring.

Marx Convention 16th Annual Marx Toy & Train Collectors National Convention

The Marx Toy & Train Collectors National Convention (I think they win longest con name in the state) was started in 1998 by the owners of the Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum.  It is a way to preserve the history of the Louis Marx & Company who made toys in the Ohio Valley.  This year’s con is Friday June 20th and Saturday June 21st at the Kruger Street Museum in Wheeling.

They have already sold out of vendor tables for this year, but non-table holders who wish to register should call 304-242-8133.  Your pass to the con will also serve as your pass to the museum.

Thursday night will be for set-up and regular museum tours.  Anyone in town can stop by to pick up registration and tour the museum.

Registration opens up at 9am on Friday and table holders may unload and set up at this time.  The swap meet opens at 10am and goes till 4pm, this will be open to attendees only.  At noon a group photo of everyone will be taken in front of the museum and copies will be made for purchase afterwards.  There will be a workshop at 3pm.  At 6pm an informal get-together/dinner will be held.

On Saturday the swap meet will be open from 9am to 3pm, for attendees and museum visitors this time.  A workshop on Unusual or Rare Marx will run at 11am.  At 1pm Bill Felege a former artist/toy designer from the Marx plant will speak.  Another to be determined workshop will be at 2:30pm. From 3-5pm will be pack up and last tours of the museum.

Another fun looking show for collectors of old toys and those interested in the history of them.  Anyone who is a Marx enthusiasts will want to be here.  Unfortenatly I have other plans that weekend.


Mego Meet 2014

Mego Meet, the collector community of the 1970’s Mego toys get together, will return again at The Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum in Wheeling this June 6th and 7th.  There will also be door prizes for kids and adults, displays, sellers, presentations, an auction, a party suite with food, and the train and toy museum will open during the weekend

Mego Meet is a chance for the Mego toy collector community to get together in person to trade and buy parts and action figures, attend sessions designed to educate and answer questions about the Mego Corporation and the toys they made, but more than anything a chance to connect with friends and fellow collectors live and in person, instead of over the internet.

Things start Thursday night, when people who show up early gather at the Hampton Inn lobby to hang out and chat.  Around 6 or 7pm a group heads out to eat then return to the hotel to open the Mego Suite.

Friday night from 5pm-10pm deal setup, a swap meet, a pizza party and general hang out will be going on.  Informal stuff with good company.  Then everyone heads over to the Mego Suite.

For Saturday the doors open at 8am.  A series of panels will be held from 9am to 5pm on EMCE Toys, vintage vs. repro, and more.  A group dinner will be held at 6:30pm and then back to the Mego Suite once again.  The custom Mego auction is on Saturday as well, helped out by The BigToyAuction.com.

Registration is $20.  This includes both the Friday night reception/swap meet and Saturday’s main event.  Spouses and children are included with the pass.

Find out more at the site, the forum, and the Facebook page.

This is something I definitely want to check out one year.  Toy, comic, and sci-fi fans will should all be able to find something interesting to add to their collections.


The Donnan Party: A Day of Beatings

The Donnan Party is an event held by The Shire of Ballachlagan of The Kingdom of the AEthelearc of The Society for Creative Anachronism.  The event will be on March 29 at the Warwood School in Wheeling going from 10am until site closing at 6pm.

For the first time a royal progress will be at the event with Majesties Timothy and Gabrielle, the prince and princess of AEthelearc attending.  The autocrats for the event are Ælric Ravenshaw and Lord Garreth Whytbull.

Events for the day include fencing, heavy weapon tournament, novelty archery shoots, thrown weapons range, Arts and Science display for trophies, Troll runs from 10am till noon.  Several merchants will be at the event selling different things, mostly looks like different types of outfits and accessories.  The main event looks like a hunting/fencing event called Wudewasa Crossing Tourney.  If I knew more about the SCA I might be able to describe it better.

Event cost is $18 for thos 18 and over, $4 for those between 6 to 17, and kids under 5 get in free.  A surcharge of $5 will be added to non-members. Lunch will be an extra $2.  Reservations can be made by e-mailing Lord Ælric. Those interesting selling merch should e-mail Merchant Liaison Lady Laroslava Ivanova.  If anyone has an idea for the after party, their usual place has closed down, let them know.


15th Annual Marx Toy & Train Collectors National Convention

Now are third convention in a row for this June, also a toy and collectible one.  The 15th Annual Marx Toy & Train Collectors National Convention is Friday and Saturday June 21-22 a gathering of fans and collectors of anything and everything related to the Marx Toy Company.  The event will be held at the Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum (114 Kruger Street) in Wheeling, same as Mego Meet.

The Marx Toy & Train Convention was started in 1998 by the Miller Family, owners of the Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum. These conventions were meant as a way to preserve the history of the Ohio Valley’s own Louis Marx & Company, and the many who made those wonderful toys that were loved by generations.

Held in June each year, the Marx Conventions have grown with each passing year. From a few dozen attendees in 1998, the events have blossomed into must destination for Marx enthusiasts from around the country.

You can pick your registration during regular museum hours (9 AM to 5 PM) on Thursday June 20th.  Table holders can drop off boxes at tables between 7-8 PM. 

On Friday 21st, the registration desk opens at 9 AM and table holders can unload and set-up.  Between 10 AM and 4 PM the swap meet will be going on.  3 PM workshop is scheduled.  At 6 PM an informal get together will be held for all collectors to hang out and get to know each other better.

For Saturday June 22nd, table holders and set up between 8-9AM.  The swap meet will be from 9 AM to 3 PM, where museum visitors will also be allowed to attend.  A gathering at 11 AM to show off unusual or rare Marx displays and discussion them.  Workshops at 1 and 2 PM are planned as well.  Pack for the show begins at 3 PM and goes till the museum closes at 5 PM.

To simply attend the $18, gets you into convention and museum for you, a spouse, and any kids under 16.  To get a table for the swap is $25 and you get all the same things as a regular pass plus a 6 foot table.  Additional tables, limit of five, is $14.  The registration form can be find here.

Not much on the con, but if you are a toy collector in the area this is one to go to.

2013 Mego Meet: Mego Toy Collectors Convention

Mego Corporation was a toy company that was very big in 70’s with lines like the “World’s Greatest Superheroes” with both DC and Marvel, Plant of the Apes, celebrity dolls, Star Trek, and more.  Its figures are some of the most sought out by collectors in the world.  Customizers based on Mego’s 8 inch interchangeable bodies are popular as well.

Mego Meet is the gathering of Mego collectors and customizers to buy and trade parts and figures, attend sessions on design or about the Mego Corporation and their toys, and hang out to meet each other.  It is run by the Mego Museum website and other friends.

The 2013 Mego Meet be at The Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum in Wheeling, West Virginia on June 7-8th, with some early bird events on Thursday the 6th.  

On Thursday night around 6 or 7 PM you will be able to find a group to go out to eat with then go up the Mego suite at the Hampton Inn and hang out there.

Things really get started on Friday.  Reception starts at 5 PM.  There will be a swap meet, pizza party, and dealer set.  You can check out the museum during the day before 5 PM.  Informal kind of day.  At 10 PM it is back to the Mego Suite.

Saturday has more things planned out.  Doors open 9 AM.  There are speakers and panels from then till 5 PM.  Topics include EMCE Toys, silk-screening demo, resin casting, 3D printing, and more.  An auction of rare and custom action figures will also be held to raise money for the Mego Museum site.  The Big Toy Auction  will be helping out with the auction.  At 6:30 PM there will be a dinner at local restaurant.  Then back to the Mego Suite one more time.

The Official 2013 Mego Meet Exclusive Figure is Synderman.  Synderman was the spokes character for Hero Worlds Distribution in the 70’s.

Registration for the meet is $20 and includes spouse and/or children you might bring.  Dealer tables are $35.

Mego Meet looks like a chance for some nostalgia, even if you do not remember Mego figures.  Something to stop by and check out if you have the chance.